The 2014 Axis Diamondback Bicycle

Diamondback Bicycles 2014

For All Planes

The Axis will mark your coordinates on whichever coordinate plane from the Equator to the Poles. Just keep in mind that this is not a performance bike or one that can withstand the constant impact associated with downhill cycling. This Diamondback is available in a grey/blue, hardtail performance model. It is suitable for use on light trails and bike paths , maybe even occasional use on gravel roads; although it is not recommended for constant rough terrain off-road use, especially for heavier riders.Deciding on wheel size is key when assessing the qualities of  any bicycle. Standard wheels are 26”, whereas large ones are 29”. The Diamondback is a 27.5” wheels. The benefits of the 27.5” are that they are made lighter and faster than the 29”; but offer more speed , better traction, and are made more durable than  26”, while overcoming obstacles more readily.The following are a few of the pros and cons of the Axis. As always your particular needs carry as much weight as the acknowledgement and admonition provided. Climate, severe weather, terrain, maintenance and care, play a significant role in the durability of any bicycle.


Disc brakes : Uses a metallic disc as a pad.

SRAM X5 derailleurs:

  • Allows for motion between the sprockets on the chain, making gear changes possible.
  • Inexpensive, shifts well
  • Has been described as weak, too flexible (by people who practice rough mountain riding including high impacts and uneven surfaces)

Alloy pedal platform :

  • Preferred for their professional, sleek look and their high quality, durability , and sturdiness
  • Does not require specific shoes necessary for clipped pedals

Hard Suspension:

  • For added comfort and control
  • For cyclists who bike off-road and occasionally travel on packed trails, but not on rough terrain.
  • Less costly than dual suspension. The activities performed do not require this type of suspension, seeing as rougher terrain will not handled extensively.


  • The various options of this model in regards to the frame size, the length of the seat tube.
  • Small:  16”  best for people under 5’  height range
  • Medium: 18” best for people from 5’3” to 5’5 height range
  • Large : 20” ( 50-52 cm ) best for people in the 5’6” to the 5’9” height range
  • X-Large: 22” best for people at least 5’10” in height

Scalable Kevlar Guard Tires

  • Great for gravel, don’t have to worry about flats ; although with time and speed they will lose traction.
  • Knobs are positioned on the edges to aid in cornering.
  • “No Rise” Flat Handle bar : Limits hands to only one position; due to the lack of constant pressure one applies it is not usually a problem.
  • For more intense tracks, the flat rise may not provide enough control.
  • Bar ends can be added for versatility or replacement in different designs and rise may be considered.
  • Water: One of the features this bicycle has is an H20 bottle mount , not present in most mountain bikes
  • Bonuses: Chain Stay Protector, DB Key Chain, Clear Coat


  • Frequently reported as being too complicated for those who do not have experience setting up bicycles, manual was not specific for the model. Many of those who had issues were forced to go to a local bike shop for assembly.
  • The factory does not send anything properly set up.
  • Air Supply: you will need a Presta pump or a pump compatible with French values.
  • Metric assembly tools needed for assembly and supposed to be shipped along with bicycle , did not arrive for some customers.
  • Rim brakes : Employs a soft rubber brake pad
  • No kickstand
  • Tektro disc brakes: Need constant adjusting, the bicycle is out of  balance upon arrival. This contributes to one of the reasons a tune up by bike professionals is necessary.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bicycles brought from certain retailors, like REI, offer free warranty tune-up.  If the maintenance costs are an decisive issue, look for a retailor that offers this option when purchasing online. Shipping complications and their related problems in the condition of arrival and assembly of parts were the negative aspects of this bike; despite this, most were ecstatic with this model.Customer satisfied with the product overall.  The Diamondback was rated at 4/5 or 5/5 stars , after the assembly issues were resolved. The Axis is affordable for beginners or moderately experienced mountain bikers as well. Based on feedback, the Axis provides a performance comparable to the Kawasaki DX226FS, requiring less upgrades in order to reach peak performance.  Upgrades such as a more durable derailleur like the SRAM X7 or X9  could prove to be an investment in the quality and durability.The Axis is one of the greatest entry-level bicycles for the price. Diamondback has a name coveted by mountain bikers and a product that holds up.