Active Activities That Can Be Enjoyed as a Group

Team Building Activities

Team building activities do not have to be a chore or a mandatory practice forced upon you by your job or another commitments. There are an infinite number of tasks that can be done with others. This interaction has many benefits that are described in the following text.

Active activities



Someone is present and a witness in case of injury or illness, especially in the case of running/hiking in remote locations.

Motivation Boost

Greater sense of accountability than performing individually.

 Tips Can Be Exchanged

  • Novices, if they can put aside their intimidation, can learn and perfect their technique
  • More experience athletes can showcase talent by assisting a novice or intermediate athlete
  • Social Circle is Expanded
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • May become well acquainted with neighbors , co-workers, work superiors, etc.
  • Competition May Improve Performance


The physical benefits of hiking include a healthier weight and immune system, and aids in the regulation of blood pressure. Greater muscular strength, improved bone density, and the reduction in the symptoms of  arthritis are also documented physical changes.Uphill hiking improves triglyceride levels, while downhill hiking regulates the blood sugar levels. Depression dropped in outdoor hikers, as opposed to the increase in depression in indoor walkers. Perceived self-esteem also followed this pattern. The fresh out doors, completely liberated form the distractions of the modern world, make hiking excursions an opportunity to reconnect with nature and those around you, whether they be family members, co-workers, or fellow outdoor enthusiasts.


Peloton is a group anywhere between 20 to 100 cyclist. The group formation allows for riders to protect themselves from the wind. The drafting aerodynamics created causes the reduction of drag due to the lead’s slipstream. If an object is in the same path as the lead, moving behind it at the same speed, the rear will be able to maintain its speed with less power. The lead is mutually benefited because the object behind reduces the effect of the low-pressure region, resulting in faster speeds. Riders alternate their positions in the pack, thereby improving teamwork in a effort beneficial for all riders.Pelotons are present more often on planes of flat land , rather than uphill terrain where the wind play less of a factor. Gradual introduction to cycling is essential in becoming part of a pack and learning about the effect of draft firsthand . First become comfortable riding alone, next with a friend, after that with a pack of 4 or 5, then integrate yourself into a small peloton.Keep in mind that you and your bike are the most important pieces to ensure success as a group. Before seeking help selecting the bicycle most suited to your needs, decide whether you will be purchasing a new bike or upgrading your current model. The Kawasaki DX266FS and the 2014 Axis Diamondback are among the highest rated entry level mountain bikes that can be bought at an affordable price. By upgrading certain parts these bikes will be able to handle the flat land associated with group cycling and different degrees and disciples of cycling as well. 

Skating Team

In line staking at a steady , comfortable rate will produce a caloric expenditure of 285 calories in 30 min, an average of 9.5 calories a minute. Theses number are in the same range of 300 calories per workout session as is cycling and running. For those looking to burn fat, but conserve muscle, skating is more ideal because of its aerobic benefits and the development of the hip, rear, knee extensor, and hamstring.A skating club facility will provide the opportunity to train with instructors capable of developing the skills for an individual or for a team. These locations have access to cross-training facilities , information about seminars and workshops, but most importantly a venue to schedule regular sessions. The advantage of a set skating location is the ability to access professional assistance and equipment for a relatively modest fee as opposed to the inconveniences of skating in large group in an urban setting. 


Running and jogging is very popular and provides similar results to the other activities described previously. While running may be a constant, high impact activity on your joints,  excess body fat is much more likely to cause joint problems like osteoarthritis. With the shoes of the right design that are replaced as need your bodies ligaments should become stronger; the impact should become less of problem.

A World of Options

Group activities can stimulate both the body and mind, but these sports can burn calories, improve technical abilities, and familiar relationships to develop based on common points of interest. Group activities do not have to be limited to the options listed or exclusive commitment to only one of theses practices. Assembling a pack that alternates activities on certain days of the week or adjustments based upon certain season can be made for example roller skating for ice staking.  As long as you are active, performing activities you enjoy, surrounded by people who support you, any group activity will be an ideal option.