Aylio’s Loop Exercise Bands – Are They Worth Your Money?

Aylio 3 Loop Bands for Exercise

A simple addition to the routines of physical therapists and aerobics instructors, Aylio’s set of three exercise bands is a product that promises to improve muscle and mobility. Ideal for workouts that focus on the legs, hips, and glutes such as Brazilian Butt Lift and TapouT XT, the product functions also as a rehabilitation device for those recovering from knee surgery or ligament tears.

Little, but Fierce

While reviewers applaud the fact the elastic loops are able to withstand the demands of high-intensity fitness programs, they often describe the bands as being too small in size. One user claimed they were “too small for any real workout.” Another buyer said that he “thought they were bigger,” however he places the blame more on his judgment than on the manufacturer’s advertisement. A third customer, however, positively reacts to the product’s small circumference as being “perfect for stretching and strength exercises.” To compensate for the limited space, a number of shoppers took scissors to the loops to render them more useful for longer stretches and taller handlers.

In addition to size, strength was also an issue in terms of critique. Spanning either extreme, there were consumers who found the loops too feeble, as well as too stiff, for their liking. One buyer reviewed the contraptions stretched far beyond their original size, losing their elasticity in the process. Another customer wrote, furious, the “light” band had broken within the first week of use. On the other side of the fence, there were users who complained the product was too stiff to stretch beyond its factory make, as well as the set was useless for those who wanted to improve flexibility.

Despite the critiques, reviewers were, as a whole, in accordance the resistance band set was of the highest quality for its price.

A Bargain Buy for Every User

Ranking number-one in physical therapy aids and fourth in exercise band sales on Amazon, Aylio’s gear is a force with which to be reckoned. Made of rubber that is substantially thicker and of a far more superior quality than the majority of other inventions on the market, the elastics offer long-lasting durability for far less money than one might pay for a similar item. Coming in three levels of resistance, too, the rings give one the opportunity to increase his or her level of muscular and aerobic health. Beginners and those in physical therapy benefit from the “light” and “medium” selections, which favor lean muscle building and increased mobility; while more advanced users are able to challenge their bodies with the “heavy” variety. Coming in loops of ten inches by two inches, the products are optimal for wrapping around the user’s legs for a leg workout that transcends what could be achieved with a treadmill or dead weights. If you need more options in resistance levels you should look at JS Fitness resistance band set which offers five different levels of resistance.

The set is manufactured by Aylio, a New York-based company whose goal is to provide customers with a “smarter” fitness experience. The company, founded by a man who was tired of expensive gym memberships and unreliable, bulky workout machines. After being introduced to resistance exercise by a friend, he began his own endeavor to augment the advantages that were already in existence. On the completion of months of hard work, he had invented a home workout method that cost less than a one-hour session with a personal trainer. Over the next years he, along with help from the Aylio team, produced an “evolved and perfected” line of products. Valuing customer feedback, each item is equipped with a guaranteed lifetime warranty as well as reliable customer service.

Durable Equipment for Life or a Monthly Membership? Now, You Decide

While there is the promise of lifetime quality and durability, Aylio’s resistance loop set is not for everyone. Some people feel that they benefit more from a gym, finding the social atmosphere and the public setting to be a better motivator for fitness. Others are an old-fashioned variety, who prefer more traditional methods of exercise over something as relatively new as resistance training. Although such people may exist, that should provide no barrier to your purchasing this array of equipment. For under thirty dollars, you finally begin a lifestyle that, at one point was only attainable for those who had a surplus of both time and wealth. If you are well-acquainted with the world of exercise, you can still make use of the set to add spice and flavor to your existing regime. Backed with a lifetime warranty and customer service that is practically at your fingertips, the set is the ideal gift for the fitness junkie in your life.