Best Compound Bow with Reviews 2020

Archery, the ancient sport and skill for survival, has come a long way since depending on a string and a couple of sticks. Today’s modern archery equipment enables the user to take out the cumbersome guess work and hone in on their skill. This target and hunting tool’s system allows it to be ideal for many reasons and is it used by beginners to the most seasoned archery enthusiasts.

Due to its vast popularity, the market is filled with endless choices which can make the selection process a bit overwhelming. There are several considerations to make before choosing one that is the best fit. Read on to get one step closer to great performance at the range or in the great outdoors!

Best Compound Bow

Best Compound Bow

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Compound Bow Reviews

From beginners to seasoned hunters, our list of top five Compound choices has something for everyone. We have found great picks for those just beginning the hobby of archery and need a piece of equipment that will grow with them as they develop their skill. Also included in this group are some great choices for the hardcore hunters who are looking for a command performance at a great price.

The Genesis Original Choice – Beginner’s Luck Found Here

Genesis Original Bow

Take this out of the box and go! This one size fits all is good for beginners, both children and adults. The Genesis, a left handed choice manufactured by Mathews, Inc., accommodates a draw length range of 15 to 30 inches making it impossible to outgrow.There is little adjusting involved, which is good for multiple users, either in an archery course or for various members of a family. As an official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program, many of its features make it ideal for young users. The aluminum construction makes it light-weight and there is no let-off which allows the user to hold it for longer periods of time. Its one cam design means less adjusting and maintenance. This is best used for those new to the sport for target practice and is a confident choice for those who want to get started in archery.While this is a great all around choice for beginners, it is not ideal for hunters who require heavier equipment for maximum performance.

The Infinite Edge Bow – Limitless Possibilities

Infinite Edge Bow Package

The Infinite Edge lives up to its name. Because of its wide adjustability, this can be used by all skill levels, especially new users.This right handed bow, manufactured by Diamond Archery, a division of BowTech, has a draw length of 13 to 30 inches. As another that is hard to grow out of, young users can actually grow with it as they practice and improve their skill. It also has a heavier draw weight that is adjustable from 5 to 70 lbs so it allows beginners to increase their weight as they practice. This is a good choice for beginners who have committed to the sport and want to improve on their skill.

This heavier draw weight also makes this pick more ideal for hunting. Avid hunters should consider this tool as well as it is not designed just for new users. The adjustability to a heavier draw weight makes this a good fit for experienced users who will find the power and smooth draw cycle attractive. While the adjustability is a plus to fit users of different sizes, adjustments need to be set for each user. This makes it less ideal for multiple users. Also, it can be on the noisier side and does not come with string silencers. These need to be added for hunting.

Wizard Archery Bow – The Magic is in its Design

Rage 70 Lbs 30 Compound Bow

Like a wizard, this bow has some mystery behind it. The manufacturer, Wizard Archery, has left its performance to speak for itself.This choice could be regarded as the black horse of the market, it should not to be overlooked. This all black, twin cam design has a draw weight of 55 to 70 pounds and a draw length of 26 to 30 inches. It is a good choice for archers who are looking to improve their skill. With a 70% let-off, this boasts high quality and durability. Those looking for a unique look will enjoy the cutouts on the riser, giving it a webbed appearance.

It seems as though the company is greatly relying on word of mouth to get out the message about this pick. Users who need more details might be turned off by the small amount of information available about this product.

PSE Sinister Skullworks Bow – A “Fun” Performer

PSE Sinister 70-Pound Skullworks Bow

Archery devotees will find nothing threatening about shooting with this one. A single cam design makes this a great performer for a variety of outdoor hunting scenarios. It is manufactured by PSE Archery, a mainstay company in the market.This right handed model is priced at a mid-range price, this is a great value because it performs much better than it costs.  Highlighted in its compact design are its 28 inch axle-to-axle length and a larger string track for a better performance.For archers looking to hone in on their skill, the “Raptor Grip” encourages users to ensure proper hand placement for optimum results. With a draw length of 25.5 to 30 inches and a 70 pound draw weight, this tool is forgiving and swift. A great choice for those looking for both fun and a satisfying hunting experience.Its mid-range price may cause buyers to look elsewhere for a more powerful option but this is the real deal when it comes to performance and power.

The DIamond Core – A Diamond in the Rough

Diamond By Bowtech Core Right Hand Compound Bow Package

Another offering from Diamond Archery, this R.A.K. (Ready, Aim, Kill) equipped piece is another one ready to shoot out of the box. It has all an archer needs to begin the hunt.While it is a light-weight option at 3.2 pounds, it offers tremendous power due to its smooth draw with a weight of 40 to 70 pounds. A draw length of 25 to 30 inches makes it a good fit for adult users of a different sizes.  It is built with rotating modules enabling the draw length to be adjusted without replacing the cams. This sturdy and dependable piece of machinery has earned it a great deal of respect and has been well received in the market. A great value, it also includes factory tuned, tested and installed accessories.This is for experienced archers looking for a performer outdoors and is not suited for those beginning the sport. Few reviews have stated that the accessories, especially the peep/sight were underpar.

Compound Bow Reviews

Advantages of Using a Compound Bow

Whether the user enjoys archery for target practice or a hardcore hunting outing, there are many reasons why one would choose this sporting tool.

  • It is lightweight – It can be carried and held for longer periods of time when practicing and hunting.
  • It is user friendly – They are a bit easier for beginners to use. Compared to a traditional bow, it involves a few steps and the arrow is ready to fly.
  • Its design – The cams (wheels) allow user to hold the bow at full draw (arrow is pulled back with hand by the face) with only some of the draw weight (how much force it takes to pull the arrow back). The remaining weight is “let off” or held by the limbs.

Various Types of Compound Bows

As stated before, their popularity leads us to a variety of choices from simple to complex.

Single cam: This type works with one cam on the bottom limb and an idler wheel on the top limb. The only purpose of the wheel at the top is to keep the string in place. This is ideal because there is only one cam and there is no need to worry about two working together. Fewer parts mean less maintenance.Also because it is more light-weight and less intricate, it is good choice for beginners. However, for avid hunters, the lighter weight of this tool may not create the force needed to strike their targets.

Dual cam: Also known as atwo cam system or twin cam, there is a cam on each end. They are symmetrical which is beneficial in keeping the arrow level and the cables are attached to both limbs. When working properly, a dual cam can produce a great deal of speed and greater power, making it ideal for hunting. The timing is important for this to work properly, but it can be tricky. When the timing is off, inaccuracy and frustration may occur.

Hybrid cam: This type is designed much like a dual cam system. However, the cables are tied to each other rather than being tied to the limbs, therefore the cams will always work together. The bottom cam holds the power while the top cam helps control the string as they adjust themselves through the shooting cycle. Here is where preference comes in. Some find that this is beneficial, some think otherwise.

Binary Cam: While the binary cam looks like a dual cam in appearance, it works a bit differently. Each cam mirrors the other as they work together and the string is attached to the cams rather than the limbs as in typical designs. This type can create a great deal of speed. However, it can require additional maintenance and adjustments to ensure that the equipment remains in sync.

How to Select the Ideal Compound Bow

When considering the purchase of a Compound bow, follow these guidelines:


What is this sporting equipment being used for? For beginners or those whose goal is leisurely target practice, a single cam system is a good choice. This is also a good choice for children. This type is lighter and does not have as many parts to contend with, allowing the user to focus on the target and worry less about the equipment.If the equipment is being used for more competitive target shooting or for hunting, the dual, hybrid and binary cam systems are a better fit. While these types are heavier and have more features to maintain, they offer the user better performance in hunting. Also, these might be considered by more experienced archers who are confident with making adjustments and working with the equipment.

Keep in mind that the dual, hybrid and binary cam systems depend a great deal on personal preference and experience. The buyers should consider how knowledgeable and confident they are with making adjustments.


Comfort is important. If holding and using the bow is uncomfortable, performance may be hindered. The user should be able to reserve strength for the sport and not use it all to hold the equipment. Factoring in the draw weight (how much force it takes to pull the arrow back) and the draw length (how far the arrow needs to be pulled back to reach optimum distance) is also important.The benefit here is that most models allow the draw weight and draw length to be adjusted.Keep your body weight and your frame size in mind when making a choice. A recommended draw weight ranges are as follows, Children 10-35 lbs; Women 25-55 lbs; Men 40-75 lbs. Draw lengths and weights are usually listed.


The price of compound bow starts at about $100. As the price grows, so do the the features. Those that range from $500-$600 in price boast more power and better performance. Those designed for specific scenarios such as “Specialists” and “Hot Rods” can also be found in this price range.The cost climbs to a $700 price point and higher. This higher price point depends on the buyer’s preference, some are satisfied with what the lower priced models offer and some feel high price equals better equipment.

Let it Fly

You now have what you need to get you started on the selecting and purchasing journey. Keep these tips at hand and soon you will select one that is a perfect fit. With a little practice, you and your Compound bow will be hitting the target and catching dinner in no time!