Best Compression Socks with Reviews 2020

Compression socks are footwear / leg wear that utilize elastic fibers or rubber materials (often spandex) in order to squeeze the lower leg via increasing pressure and as a result, increasing blood flow. See the table below to find the best compression socks using our compression socks reviews.

Best Compression Socks

These are our top picks for compression socks. There are options for both men and women in the table below.

Best Compression Socks

ImageNamePriceBuy from Amazon
Zensah Socks$$See on Amazon
Vitalsox Graduated$See on Amazon
Zensah Leg Sleeves$$See on Amazon
Sockwell Women's Circulator$See on Amazon
FYTTO Style 1020$See on Amazon

Throughout the day, gravity causes blood to pool in the lower legs, potentially leading to DVT, but added pressure can work to correct the blood that pools. Compression socks are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, including hosiery, which means they essentially look like any other legwear out in the market. In terms of design, they’re the same as anything else. There are knee-highs, thigh-highs, sleeves (that don’t go around the foot), pantyhose, and more, ensuring that there is something for everyone.  Sometimes, they are also referred to as “support socks,” indicating the additional support that they provide.

Compression Socks ReviewsCompression Socks Reviews

Fytto Style 1020 Women’s Knee High

FYTTO Style 1020 Women's Comfy Compression Socks

Fytto Style’s product features gradient compression, extra room for toes, and a specially designed elastic band resistant to dropping down over the course of the day and guaranteed not to cause any skin irritation.  At 15-20mmHg, these fit the light compression category, perfect for everyday use.

To make them easy to fit in to your lifestyle, they come in many colors.  They’re also fairly thin, which means not adding any heaviness to your day. This way, you can wear them during your morning routine, at work, and out to dinner with friends and keep foot swelling, leg pain, and heaviness to a minimum. They’re also great for extended periods of travel. Furthermore, they’re designed to fit well with women’s clothing, working with both skirts and trousers.

They don’t sacrifice comfort for effectiveness or style, making them a great all-around package. Sizing is based off foot size.  They are not, however, intended for athletic use and are thus limited in that capacity.  Lastly, a lot of people show reservations when it comes to pricing, but many users vouch that in this case, your money buys you a quality product.

Sockwell Women’s Circulator 

Sockwell Women's Circulator Compression Socks

Sockwell offers this product in both the 15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg range, giving consumers the option a tighter fit if they want it. Either way, the company touts both as useful for everyday dress.  Like the Fytto Style, Sockwell also features graduated compression. They are made from wool and bamboo, making them thicker and giving them more of a true sock feel.

This added support allows them to add a cushioned sole and arch support, which isn’t always present in other socks, giving this one an edge.   Sockwell is less aesthetically appealing to those who might prefer more discrete footwear, but they also don’t have any large design flaws.

The flexibility in choosing level of compression is nice; some people may need to upgrade to a higher level if they aren’t seeing results with something in the 15-20mmHg range, and with Sockwell you can get the same package instead of having to move onto something new entirely. These also come in a variety of colors, including striped and solid varieties for something a bit more distinct looking. They could be
used for all functions, including athletics, but do not include any features that make them especially geared towards recovery.

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah’s leg sleeves are targeted for workout time and not constant use, thus they’re features are a bit different from the ones we’ve seen before. Most notably, they are just leg sleeves, leaving the ankle and foot entirely free. They utilize chevron ribbing in the front and tight ribbing in the back so that the shin and calf are equally well-supported, which is highly important in preventing injury and encouraging quick recovery between hard workouts.

The sleeves are made with very well-engineered fabric featuring silver ions, ensuring a regulated skin temperature. They also incorporate graduated compression, and here that is manifested in better oxygen availability for muscles, leading to that faster recovery time that so many desire.Runners everywhere indicate satisfaction with this product, reporting reduction in leg pain that existed before and the ability to run harder, faster, longer, and more frequently.

Although they are marketed more at athletes, they certainly can still be used to long work days that involve a lot of standing, and fulfill that function as well, rounding them out. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so there’s a fit for everyone. The biggest pro here is also the biggest con, and that’s the fact that they’re just sleeves. For some people, that extra freedom will be great, but others will find that fuller coverage provides better results.

Vitalsox Graduated Performance

Vitalsox Graduated Compression Performance Socks

A number of highly accomplished athletes endorse Vitalsox, giving them credibility within the athletic community. These are full socks, differentiating them from Zensah’s sleeves above. They too feature graduated compression. As a new feature, they use Dry Stat, a unique fabric-blend designed to keep feet and legs dry during hard workouts that involve sweat.

In terms of design, these socks have an attractive padded toe and heel area and then look sleek as they continue up the leg. They also include a thin mesh stripe that runs along the fronts and back, making the fit just a bit better.Since these are mainly targeted to athletes, the main benefit that they advertise is faster, better recovery post-workout.

Many users agree, reporting a reduction in shin splints and the ability to get back and working again soon than ever before. Of course, they also have their uses for long work days and travel, so they hit all of the functions for a great sock whatever your need might be.

Zensah Socks

Zensah Compression Socks

Unlike Zensah’s sleeves, these cover the whole foot and leg. Zensah Compression Socks has covered all its basis with this product: arch support, Achilles tendon supporter, calf and shin protection. All of that along with a fabric that is guaranteed not to chafe or cause any skin irritation.

It is even built with anti-microbial silver ions and meant to endure even the warmest weather without compromising dryness. Zensah works with the idea in mind that athletes should be without limits, and this socks help curb the usual limits, such as injury and long recovery time.Many people praise this as the penultimate compression sock, the best of the best.

For some, the price will be worth having the best, for others cheaper options will do the work well enough. The consensus remains that these are the best at reducing pain and swelling, preventing shin splints, and promoting faster recovery. These are also one of the best running compression socks in our list.

Why Buy Compression Socks?

Have you ever suffered from foot swelling, leg cramps, or leg aching? Then compression socks may be for you, because they help curb those issues. Or maybe you just want to eke a bit more out of your 10k runs.  Then they are for you too! Just because they were used to prevent deep vein thrombosis before, that doesn’t limit their functions now.  They can help most people in some aspect of their life or another.

There are two different reasons people should consider purchasing:


  • Doctors now often prescribe this legwear for patients who will be forced to sit for a long amount of time, whether that be on a long plane or car ride or something else.
  • Many people encounter foot swelling when they travel, and those that have chosen to wear these report a reduction in swelling.
  • Others encounter foot pain and/or swelling due to jobs that have them on their feet all day, and again those that have chosen to wear these report an increase in comfort.

Athletic Performance

  • There are two different theories about how this type of footwear aids athletes. The first is that the improvement in blood flow allows the legs to go faster, longer, which can result in a faster race time or better endurance.
  • The other theory is that the added pressure reduces muscle vibration, which in turn promotes faster recovery. Many athletes report that wearing them when they go for a long run does help them with the recovery phase; they’re ready for their next run sooner than they would have otherwise been.
  • Wearing something designed to increase performance generally has an effect on a person’s perception, causing them to perform better already.

Which Type Is Right For You?

There are many different factors to take into account when finding the right pair, but it truly comes down to preference and what you will be most comfortable in. It also depends on your needs. A worker who spends 10 hours on her feet all day will likely end up with something different than a professional marathon runner.The choices can be broken down into different categories.


Panythose/Tights:Many people in the workplace prefer the pantyhose/tights to reduce their visibility.  Others don’t want the weight and thus warmth associated with thicket materials, especially if they’re already working in a warm environment.

Knee-High Socks:As you can tell by the name, this style comes up to and ends at the knee.  They’re the most commonly used style by athletes.

Thigh-High Socks:These ones reach higher, up to the mid-thigh, which means that there is a greater area of compression.

Sleeves:Sleeves wrap around the calves, extending from just above the ankle to right below the knee.  This option is for those who don’t want any restriction around the ankle or feet.


most people don’t show a preference for one material over the other, but there are options. They all serve the same function, so the biggest thing to note would be if you were allergic to one material and not another.

  • Spandex
  • Lycra
  • Rubber

Compression: There are different levels for different uses

Graduated:This means that the legwear is more restricted at the ankle and gradually decrease the restrictiveness up the leg.

Non-Graduated: Applied pressure in these socks is uniform throughout.

Light to Moderate:If you only experience mild leg swelling/discomfort, then light to moderate strength will be able to help. It’s unnecessary to get anything higher than your personal need. Long travel and standing all day at work can be covered by this level.

Moderate:If you often suffer from tiredness or heaviness, then you will need something that offers some more oomph than just the light level. The moderate level is also effective against varicose veins.

Firm:Once you cross into firm compression, you start to see the medical aspects. This type could be prescribed by your doctor if you have severe varicose veins, moderate edema, or other conditions. It is unlikely that you should pick these higher levels up on your own.

Extra Firm:Same uses as firm, just with heightened medical issues: severe varicose veins or edema, severe lymphedema, chronic venous diseases, and Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome.

Heavy:Again, you are not advised to go out and buy the heavy duty kind; they aren’t for day to day use.  The light and moderate versions suit most people’s needs. Heavy compression could be prescribed for primary lymphedema and Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome.

If You’re Still on the Fence, Don’t be!

Chances are, you wear socks every day. So why not trade out those regular old guys for compression socks and look forward to improved blood flow, limited swelling, and all-around happier legs? This type of legwear has already gained a fair amount of popularity, with people all over giving reviews that are testament to improved lifestyle and comfort.