Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid

There are quite a few mid range options when it comes to new pieces of fitness equipment and when you first get a look at this trainer, it may seem that it’s not going to live up to your expectations. However, after going a bit deeper it’s definitely a model worth your consideration. It does not have any extra little additions to make it stand out, but the Best Fitness E1 makes a surprising bid for the top elliptical machines in the affordable category. It’s time to explore this one a little bit closer and see if it can deliver everything you need for the cost.

What are the benefits of the E1

This elliptical machine has a center drive placement on the flywheel and is actually quite comparable to some higher end machines, but with a much lower out of pocket expense for the consumer. You still get a great stride length, at 21 inches, and you still get 17 levels of resistance, so there is no lack of a stiff workout.  It’s also very smooth and very quiet, as you would expect from Body Solid. Even with these features, the cost is still not too high.The Best Fitness E1 is also a welcome piece of equipment for many people because it has a very small footprint for everything it brings to the table, taking up only a small amount room in your home. On top of this, this unit is also relatively simple to assemble, unlike some of its bigger counterparts, only taking a couple of hours on average.This trainer also has the added feature of reverse pedaling along with the traditional method. It’s a really great added factor that many models don’t bring to the table even though it works a whole separate group of muscles.

What are the downsides

With the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer manufactured by Body Solid, there are also a few bad sides to take into consideration before you finalize that purchase. First of all, as stated in the beginning, it doesn’t come with anything extra; it’s basically just a basic bare bones piece of fitness equipment.  One of the only extra additions it does have is a water bottle holder, but it is in a very difficult place to reach, making it almost unusable during workout.It was also commonly stated that the heart rate monitor on this model does not work well. It can take too long to actually pick up the users pulse. In addition, a bigger problem with many people may be the fact that the stride is not adjustable at all, so this can be a problem for someone really tall or really short, or for a household that all want to work out.One more odd little point worth remembering is that you have to make sure to fill out your registration and send it in within 10 days in order to qualify for any type of warranty on any part of this unit. This is a really short window of time compared to almost all other products in this category. This is really only going to matter to you if you often don’t get things sent in a timely fashion, so it’s really not always a deal breaker, but we thought it worth mentioning.

Looking a little more in depth…

Weighing in at 215 lbs, this unit can hold a user that weighs up to 275 lbs. It has an extremely small footprint, measuring only 48x30x66 inches, so it is fantastic at not taking up all the room in your home. Body Solid is a well established company having been in business since 1989, and on the Best Fitness E1 they offer a comprehensive warranty, which is always a good sign. This warranty covers the frame for 15 years, the motor for 10 years, and the electronics and parts for 2 years. They also warranty the wear parts for 6 months, and have 1 year on labor.Without adding the little perks, the developers were able to put little more effort into the flywheel assembly and into making a good quality, smooth machine fit for most people’s home workout.

The verdict

The Best Fitness E1 is moderately priced and backed by a solid, long lasting company. This model is a pretty sound purchase for almost everyone. Even though it doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles, it gets the job done without breaking the bank. You should most certainly consider it for your new fitness equipment purchase, especially if you are looking for a machine to take up very little space in your home, still give you a decent run for your money, and you are not concerned with the little extras.