Best Grip Strengthener

Types Of Grip Strengtheners

There are many types of grip strengtheners available in today’s various marketplaces, all designed to increase the clenching power in one’s hands. These devices usually come in a variety of different weight resistances from anywhere to 1-300 lbs of resistance.

The weight doesn’t have to be very high to see results in one’s training. Something with a maximum resistance of 100 lbs can be very good for the common person.

Many grip strengtheners are adjustable and will allow the user to control just how much resistance they will be working with. This is very useful for those who are looking to slowly build up strength in their hands whilst recovering from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems that may weaken the grip in their hands.

The adjustable aspect of these devices make them perfect for many different types of hand exercises. Being able to control the resistance of the grip strengthener is very important for avoiding injury and measuring the progress you’ve made in regards to training your hands.

The hands can be toned with a light resistance for those who may be worried about developing very muscular hands. This is very important when choosing the type of grip strengthener because some come with only one weight resistance.

How To Select A Grip Strengthener?

There are several different options for choosing one of these grip strengthening devices. If you’re going to be praticing for playing instruments such as the guitar or rock climbing then it may be best to purchase one that allows for training your fingers individually. This is known as the varigrip, it usually comes with four seperated digits for each finger to be placed on.

These devices generally come in two different types, varigrip and the usually lever-type grip. You will be able to easily work on finger coordination, plus hand and wrist movements with one of the varigrip options. For forearm training and relief of carpal tunnel you may want to go with the singular type lever grip hand strengheners. These are usually better for building overall hand strength and stamina for those who are into fitness and contact sports.

The varigrip options for these grip strengtheners are excellent for musicians who want to build finger stamina when they aren’t able to play their instruments. Being able to use each finger individually really helps with maintaining the coordination and dexterity needed to play the guitar.

If you’re into weight training then the heavier resistance options are a good choice, they are guaranteed to give a powerful grip and strengthened forearms to whoever trains with them. These are good if the user is looking to increase their forearm size as well, which many bodybuilders are definitely into.

While there may be different exercises available for each type of grip strengthener, they are mostly similar in practice. The main thing to consider when choosing one over the other, is the amount of weight there is behind the resistance. I would definitely recommend the adjustable versions for those who are unsure about how much resistance they will require. It’s also important to note that the grip strength of an average man is around 115 lbs.

How To Use A Grip Strengthener

There are a variety of exercises that can be performed with a grip strengthener. The most useful types of exercises are generally aimed at improving the actual strength and endurance of the hands and forearms for practical use.

One great technique for using a grip strengthener is the basic squeeze and release technique. The handles should be squeezed all the way with your full grip during this exercise, held for 5 seconds minimum and then slowly released.

Another exercise involves performing the same technique as above, but instead of using your full grip, you will want to squeeze the handle with only the palm of your hands and your fingers. This exercise may be difficult to completely close the grip at first, but it will get easier the more it’s done.

These basic exercises should be done for about 10 reps per set. You will want to work your way up to three or four sets of these exercises to see a gradual increase in your gripping strength.

The rest between sets should be around one minute each if you’re looking to increase stamina. For forearm and wrist size you will want to have rests as long as three minutes.

How Do Grip Strengtheners Work?

Grip strengtheners work by providing resistance to the hands and forearms. They can be clenched and held in this position for a few seconds and then released. Doing this will gradually increase the user’s gripping power over time.

By performing several of the previous mentioned gripping techniques, one can expect to bring out the full range of gripping motion available to them. This can help to increase the overall strength in the person who uses them.

Having a good grip can provide many practical uses, such as less fatigue one might get when performing a task such as steering a steering wheel while driving. This can be tiring after awhile, but by using one of these devices you’ll have much more stamina in your hands and forearms.

These devices are so small they can be transported anywhere without taking up much space. Being able to train your grip strength while watching TV or standing in line at a store is a huge benefit to owning one of these.

By gripping you are able to open and close your wrists, which engages your forearm flexors. By repeating this motion with a grip strengthener you’ll have a stronger looking appearance in your arms as well as functional strength that will benefit you in your everyday life.

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