Best Massage Ball

Types Of Massage Balls

The massage ball is a revolutionary tool that is commonly used worldwide within the massage therapy occupation. It’s effectiveness and ease of use makes it not only a tool for professionals, but for those at home who’d like to release tension in their muscles. There are several types of these massage balls available in health related markets such as:

• Lacrosse balls: These are small, smooth rubber balls that make it easier to knead into muscles and further induce relaxation in the muscle. Many athletes tend to go with this option.

• Trigger point massage ball: These are spiked with space in between them. This type of massage ball excels at getting rid of knots in the muscle and are the preferred type of massage ball to use where more grip is needed.

• Tennis balls: Whilst these aren’t specifically made for massage, they work just as well and are a cheaper option compared to most massage tools on the market. Many professionals actually prefer these for their smooth and soft surface.

• Golf balls: Another option that isn’t specifically designed for massage, but works just as good. The small, hard rigged surface of a golf ball is able to easily knead into muscle and is often used on the shoulders, neck, back, and feet by professional massage therapists.

How To Select A Massage Ball

When it actually comes to selecting a specific type of massage ball, there are several key details that you may wish to consider, such as:

• Size: This is important and chosen based on the part of your body that is going to be worked on. For the hands and shoulders, you’ll want a smaller one such as a golf or lacrosse ball to really work into the muscles and release tension.

• Weight: Another very important factor is the weight. A heavier ball is more likely to stay in position, lighter ones will usually deflate or move around and that isn’t very helpful in releasing muscle tension.

• Shape: A smoother ball’s movement is able to be controlled more easily. These are the preferred option of massage balls, unless extra grip is needed. The spiked massage balls provide more grip, which is useful if being used directly after a workout when the person has been sweating. These also won’t slip as much if being used against a wall.

Every type of massage ball has it’s benefits, but overall if you only had to choose one, I’d say a medium sized heavy lacrosse ball will work for most body parts. However, over time as you become more flexible, you’ll need a harder and heavier option to really work into the muscles.

How To Use A Massage Ball

There are many ways a massage ball can be used for self massage or even on others. You’ll want to work around the tension during your massage for maximum benefits.

One exercise that can be done at home whenever you have a spare moment is a simple foot massage. Using the ball and a smooth surface, simply move your foot back and forth, rolling the ball over the tension.

Another way to use a massage ball is by taking it in your hand and rolling it on the shoulders and neck. Work into the pectoral and trapezium muscles as well, where tension usually is for those who sit at desks.

You can also use them by laying either face down on the floor or on your back. By doing this, you are able to roll yourself over the ball, engaging troubled areas without the use of your hands.

Remember to use softer massage balls if you have any damaged tissue. You want to target attach areas of the muscle and stretch them. This is the path to releasing muscle tension that professionals would also adhere to.

Advantages Of Having A Massage Ball

Massage balls are simple tools that allow the user to isolate problem areas in the body. By using one, you are able to both relieve muscle tension as well as increase flexibility in the area.

Another benefit of having one is their size, these can be taken mostly anywhere and used during spare moments of free time. The neck and shoulders will benefit from this, especially for those who have desks jobs.

Being able to perform your own deep tissue massage at home is very helpful to those who cannot afford to seek out professional massage therapists regularly.

These simple tools can even help a person to prevent having risky surgeries. Certain surgical procedures, especially involving the back can lead to several years of debilitating pain.

Owning a massage ball is a small solution to those faced with the big problem of stress and muscle fatigue from daily life in today’s world. They happen to be inexpensive as well, that’s a huge plus for the relief that is provided.

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