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Four Types of Punching Bags

There are four main types of punching bags used in boxing. The speed bag, being one of the most popular types, is used to build hand-eye coordination and improve body conditioning. It is usually suspended overhead from a board, called a drum.

The next most popular and effective type of punching bag is the heavy bag. This bag, with its long cylindrical design, hangs from a chain usually suspended from the ceiling. It aids in heavy body contact, intended to build power from the strong punches it was intended for.

The standing bag is similar in form to the heavy bag, although it stands on a base. This bag has little subsequent movement from the powerful strikes and kicks in endures.

Lastly, the double-end bag is used for practicing quick movement and rebounds. It also enhances hand-eye coordination, in addition to establishing rhythm while punching.

How To Select The Right Punching Bag

Since each type of punching bag is designed differently and serves a different purpose, it is important to examine which type would be most beneficial to the boxer’s specific needs.

One important decision to make prior to choosing the right punching bag is to decide what boxing style will be primarily practiced. Each bag is suitable for a different style of boxing. For example, if someone predominantly practices kickboxing for exercise, the standing bag would be a suitable choice due to its heavy base and full body design.

Another thing to consider when choosing a punching bag is determining where it will be located. The speed bag, in comparison to the heavy bag, would be a better selection for a person who is concerned with limited space.

One last consideration of selecting the appropriate punching bag would be the cost-to-versatility ratio of the bag. Someone may choose to purchase a more versatile bag, like the standing bag, if they intend on buying only one bag to meet all their boxing needs.
The standing bag, for example, would allow the boxer to practice heavy punches, quick short jabs, and strong kicks. Conversely, a boxer who intends to establish a collection of boxing equipment would not be as concerned about versatility since they plan on purchasing multiple bags anyway.

How To Use A Punching Bag

Each punching bag is used in a different way because they are intended for different types of impact. The speed bag is made for quick, short bursts of punches. The design of this bag and how it is mounted allows for a lot of movement with each punch. While punching the speed bag, the boxer builds endurance and establishes a rhythm. The boxer stands squarely in front of the speed bag and makes small circles with his fist to bounce the bag away from his face.

When using the heavy bag, the boxer should make quick, short punches and hooks while turning his hips into each punch. This ensures each punch is backed with the most power. Simultaneously, the boxer also keeps his guards up close to his face to practice the defensive stance while boxing.

The standing bag is used similarly to the heavy bag, as it is comparable in design. However, the standing bag is a popular favorite amongst kickboxing. When kickboxing, the boxer can grab and hold the top of the bag to steady it while throwing his knees into the base of the bag. Also, he can perform front kicks and sick kicks to the middle of the bag to practice strength.

When using the double-end bag, a boxer must first ensure he has adequate space for movement while practicing. This bag, when struck, creates a rebound effect that encourages the boxer to maneuver out of the way. The boxer would jab the bag quickly and then use footwork to practice blocking hits.

Advantages Of A Punching Bag

There are many advantages to using a punching bag for workouts and training. Punching bags can be mounted anywhere there is adequate space to practice. Also, they can be versatile for various types of boxing. One last advantage to having a punching bag is the positive effects from using it, including increased hand-eye coordination and stronger body composition.

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