Best Resistance Bands with Reviews 2020

Resistance bands can be a low cost alternative to gyms that will help you get a good workout from your home.  After looking at several resistance bands we have narrowed down to these two as our top picks. For most people, these should be a good choice. Click the below links now to visit amazon and see today’s prices.


Black Mountain

If you want more options for exercise bands, these are some of the top options to consider.

Bodylastics Set
Black Mountain Set
Aylio Ultimate Set
SPRI Xertube Cords
JS Fitness Resistance Exercise Bands Set

These easily-accessible exercise bands can help you build muscle and increase flexibility at a price that will not cause a dent in your pocket. In the table below I have listed more options for your consideration so you can pick the best exercise bands for your needs. Reviews for these resistance bands can be found below.

Once you start training with resistance bands, you will notice that you need bands with increasing resistance. Instead of buying a single band, a good option is to buy a complete set which includes bands of various resistance levels. Our picks comes with several stack-able anti-snap bands which produce tension from 3 pounds to 404 pounds.


Best Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Reviews

Not all products are made equal, while there are several options available in the market today, we have shortlisted these five options which we believe are the best resistance bands for a wide range of use.

Bodylastics Snap Guard

Bodylastics’ set offers unlimited buffet of workouts that cannot be contested. The pack, made of Malaysian latex, are stack-able, with weights totaling as little as three or as much as ninety-six pounds. In addition, included in the package is three months of access to Bodylastics’ own LiveExercise, a virtual service that provides fitness enthusiasts with access to over two-thousand workout routines, which provide focus on areas from triceps to calves.

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The bands incorporate an inner safety cord which acts as a snap guard and helps prevent damage to cords when over stretched and acts as a safety measure protecting your body and face from injury in case the bands do snap. The clip help create a wide range of resistance levels from 3 lbs to 202 lbs which is a good range to create challenging exercises for all muscles groups.

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Black Mountain Band Set

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products offers a combination of tools that  make it a complete set for everyone – from humble beginners to seasoned experts. Within the package, there are elastic tubes ranging in weight from two pounds to thirty pounds, which can be hooked together for a more versatile range of exercises which reach from shoulder to ankle.

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There is also included a pair of attachable handles and a device for door anchoring, which allows one switch focus on a variety of target zones with the click of a metallic clip. Priced competitively, this dynamic set appeals to those who have recently been prescribed physical therapy, or who have begun to suffer the wear and tear that constant, repetitive movement – like football and dance – can put on the joints. It is also a good choice for travelers, as it is lightweight and, as a result, easily portable.

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SPRI Xertube Cords with Door Attachment

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords

Made of high-quality rubber, SPRI™ promises their patented Xertube Cords will serve well someone who is looking for a personal trainer that is portable as well as durable.

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Available in five levels of weight (“Very Light” to “Very Heavy”) as well as lengths from as short as forty-four inches to as long as fifty-three inches, the cords are designed for a versatile workout that reaches every muscle and every person; tall, short, or in-between. Its components are priced individually rather than sold as a whole composite.

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Aylio 3 Loop Bands (Light, Medium, Heavy)

Aylio 3 Loop Bands for Exercise

Being the first trio of non-tubular resistance devices on the list, Aylio adheres to the promise their invention will strengthen your legs, your hips, and even your arms. The set, as mentioned above, has only three components, categorized as “Light,” “Medium,” and “Heavy” in lieu of numerical definitions.

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The product is described as fitting best with those who are in physical therapy, or with people who want to lightly tone their bottoms, hips, and legs in conjunction with another exercise routine. Unlike other sets, Aylio markets that its devices do not come with pounds of hooks or instruction manuals, making them perfect for those who seek simplicity and ready usage.

These elastic loops are perfect for working out at home or office. The “Light” and “Medium” varieties may snap after one to two months of use and may need replacement.

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 JS Fitness Bands

JS Fitness Resistance Band Set

A solution for fitness lovers who wish to sustain their muscle mass without having to live their lives in the gym, JS Fitness’ bodybuilding bundle, a product that cannot be overlooked. The tubes, which are made of high-quality latex, show their durability upon the surface.

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At either end are attached strong metal D rings and zinc clips, making handle connections a breeze. JS Fitness also ensures an effective workout for everyone, with resistance densities ranging from a mere six to  twenty-two pounds, attachable cords providing the wide span of stretches. According to users, the products, while constructed of a material that some find too smooth given lack of texture, provide a quality muscle-building experience that is guaranteed to last for years and years. They appear to be the most popular with people who are not able to move their bodies with much flexibility.

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Resistance Bands Reviews


Types of Resistance Bands 

There are three main options to consider:

  • Tube – Tube bands are a variety which, as their name suggests, are shaped like tubes.  Ranging from four to five feet, in length, they are designed primarily for upper-body workouts.  Fit bands, modeled with hands in mind, are equipped with handles at either end of their lengths.  Clip bands, on the other hand, are fashioned with clips in the place of handles, for easy attachment and removal from doors, walls, or beams.
  • Flat – Lacking the handles and clips of tube bands, flat bands are merely flat strips of colorful elastic that are around four feet long.  Used primarily for lower-body workouts and ankle strengthening, they are seen most often in dance, gymnastics, and physical therapy.
  • Loop – Also used mainly on the lower body, loop bands are essentially flat bands that are attached in such a way that they create a full “loop.”  Their design makes it easier for one to wrap them around his or her ankles, or mid-calves, making them the go-to band for runners and bikers.

In addition to the three options listed, bands also come in a variety of weights.  They are typically color-coded by weight of resistance, lighter colors denoting a better weight for beginners (3lbs. – 8lbs.) and darker colors marking a challenge for more advanced sportsmen (12lbs. – 16lbs.).

Which is the best for me?

As indicated above, bands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights.  When looking at resistance bands reviews, you must consider the following:

  • Weight – When thinking about the weight, you think of dumbbells.  Instead, you are looking more at the pounds of resistance that these exercise bands will offer.  Do you need something that will build bulk, or are you looking more to increase lean muscle?  Are you new to exercise, or are you seeking to add some spice into your current routine?  The entirety of these factors needs to be taken into consideration when deciding weight, for they determine whether you would benefit more from the offerings that provide only light resistance, or those that could pull a small vehicle.
  • Length – While the majority of options run between the lengths of four and five feet, it is still important that you take into consideration how far you intend to stretch.  For instance, you might require a longer device for your upper body than for your lower body, or vice-versa.  The length you need is all dependent on your workout.
  • Target areas – Is your goal to sweep your loved one off of his or her feet, or are you more of the type that likes to carry themselves quickly among the crowd?  Have you wanted to look stunning in those stiletto heels, or do you see a sleeveless dress calling your name?  While any type of exercise band could be used on your arms or your legs, they are designed with certain areas of the body at the forefront of their make.  For example, your legs would not benefit as well from a tube band, as they might from its flatter cousin.  Whatever your body may need, it is important that you choose accordingly.
  • Price – While these comprise the least-expensive exercise tools on the market, it is still important to include price in the factor of your purchase. Before making any sort of purchase, it is best that you consider how much you need the product, and how often it will be in use.
  • Durability – Products made specifically for muscle training, though historically durable, are still apt to have varieties that hold together better than others.  In conjunction with the price of your band, you must also think about the quality of the product that is attached to what might seem to be a steal.

Resistance Bands Workouts 

Exercise bands are an effective replacement for traditional weights or kettlebells, and some of the least expensive alternatives to costly fitness machines whose bulky sizes could potentially take up an entire room.  Simultaneously stiff and flexible, these simple inventions can be applied to the following uses:

  • Aerobic Exercise – The addition of elastic resistance bands to your normal workout routine will aid in strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system through a more intense exercise.  They can also aid in increasing endurance, as they allow one to work his or her muscles like never before.
  • Strength Training – Heavy Duty Resistance bands make for an ideal substitute for traditional weights for they, when anchored by a bar, a foot, a door, or even another person, allow for one to exert strength against an opposing force.  In forcing the band beyond its default state, you are given the opportunity to guide your muscles as actively as if you were at the gym.
  • Flexibility and Balance Training – Testing your limits becomes easier with the aid of these dumbbell-alternatives, which increases the challenge that is involved in stretching your body to its limits.  Its propensity to push exercisers to their goals makes it a welcome guest in the fields of yoga and dance, gymnastics and running.

Your Exercise is in Your Hands

Now that you are acquainted with the cheapest bands as alternative to weights or heavy machinery, you are prepared to make a purchase of your own.  A good choice to go along with resistance bands is foam rollers, and for your convenience we have also shortlisted these foam roller. While looking for the new addition to your home gym or the beginning of your lifetime of fitness, make sure to remember this handy guide for section of the best resistance bands.