Which is best for you; a Stationary Bike or an Elliptical Machine

In your journey for a healthier, stronger, body there are many options to explore as far as your first home gym equipment purchase. There are a lot of different routes you can go and a lot of different options on the market. Two of the most popular versions of home fitness equipment are the elliptical machine and the stationary bicycle. Both of them have their supporters and there are benefits to each, as well as disadvantages. So, how do they stack up to each other? Let’s look at a few important differences and similarities that these aerobic exercise machines have.

Which is best for you; a Stationary Bike or an Elliptical Machine

What features do they share?

Both of these pieces of fitness equipment offer a great low impact experience. They are gentle on the joints and can be used by an extremely wide range of people, making them very versatile.  You are also likely to get fantastic cardio workout and a greater strength in your lower body’s muscles. Also, both are perfectly designed for home use. They usually don’t take up a large amount of space and they are both easy to maintain, even for a person with a very basic knowledge. In addition, neither one is going to break the bank; there are versions available for all price ranges, making a healthy lifestyle more attainable for everyone.

How do they differ?

While they do share many features, there are several key points to look at as far as their important differences. A primary dissimilarity between the two is the lack of the upper body workout with a stationary bike. With an elliptical trainer you tend to get a more thorough full body effect with the ability to use the handlebars to focus on your arms, chest and back. Also, many of them are able to be used in reverse, making it possible to work an entirely different group of muscles. Add to that, ellipticals are usually far more adjustable as far as slope and resistance. However, it’s important to point out that an exercise bike is slightly better for someone that has arthritis or some other severe joint pain, and for someone that has problems standing. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are just beginning your routine and are overweight by at least 50 pounds, a stationary bicycle will be a little bit easier for you to maintain your stamina on.

So, in conclusion, both of these variations of home gym equipment share many of the same excellent fitness benefits. They are similar in the fact that they have great aerobic exercise and can give you a lower impact workout than a lot of other choices out there today. They are very gentle on your joints while still allowing you to get into shape or to maintain your health. In addition, both are easy to use and can be used by a wide variety of people. If you are looking for a more effective full body routine or a more intense one, an elliptical machine is certainly the way to go, though.

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