Best Weighted Vest

Types Of Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are resistance training gear designed to give you a more intense workout. By wearing one a person is able to build up more endurance. The types of vests can be categorized by:

• Weight: Weighted vests usually come in different weight variations such as 20, 40, 60 and 100 lbs. Some models of these vests allow for weight to be added and removed.

• Fixed and Adjustable: With the fixed weight models of these vests, the weight is sewn directly into the vest and cannot be removed. As for the removable weight option, these are best for gaining more control over your workout.

• Style: Many of these are styled to fit in a similar fashion to bullet proof vests, whilst others look more like the compression shirts that athletes wear.

It is also important to note that for the fixed weight models of these vests, the weight is usually evenly distributed throughout the chest, abs and arm areas of the body.

How To Select A Weighted Vest

When it comes to selecting a weighted vest it is important to understand the amount of resistance one is capable of handling. These options can be broken down into:

• Fixed or Adjustable weight: A runner might want to choose the removable weight version, being able to remove or add weight as they go will really test their endurance. With too much weight however, the weight may shift around as they’re running.

• Male versus female: Male weighted vests are usually heavier and allow for less shifting of the weight. This is possible because they are able to be tightened more than the female vests. On the other hand, female vests are closely fitted to the waists and usually come with fixed weight that is lighter.

• Torso or upper chest: Weighted vests tend to either cover the entire torso or only cover the upper chest. The different shapes should be carefully considered because they can help with focusing more on different parts of the body. The vests that are worn on the upper chest will focus more on the back, abs and pectoral muscles more depending on the exercises being done.

• Heavy or light: Heavier vests are more geared to those who are a bit more advanced. By choosing a lighter option, the user will be able to control how much resistance is incorporated into their exercise routine.

How To Use A Weighted Vest

There are many types of exercises that can be done with a weighted vest. These workouts will help to increase the strength and endurance in whoever chooses to wear one during their workouts.

One basic exercise that can be done is just the standard military style push-up, but with the vest added. You will want to place both hands at about shoulder width on the floor and then perform 10 push-ups.

Another exercise that can be done to improve muscle endurance is the overhand pull-up. Grab the bar with an overhand grip and pull yourself up until your chin crosses the bar. This exercise should be done for 12 reps to see the maximum results of the added weight.

Basically any exercise can be done with a weighted vest. The vest adds more resistance in order to add a more explosive element to any basic workout.

The exercises mentioned above should be done with a 10 lb vest at first for beginners. Even this low amount can benefit you, you’ll capable overtime of adding more weight and intensity to your workouts.

How Weighted Vests Work

Weighted vests work by adding more power and intensity to a workout. The added resistance promotes more muscle growth, strength and stamina. This is especially beneficial to athletes and those with more physically demanding careers.

These vests work to make exercises more difficult, which is very useful for those who may find their usual routine to be too easy. This extra weight also helps with bone density, as it provides an extra load to the skeletal system.

By using one of these vests, you are guaranteed to get a good workout with even the most basic workouts. Even plyometric exercises such as box jumping can be performed whilst wearing one.

These vests can also help with weight loss. By simply wearing one whilst you walk, more calories can be burned due to the added weight.

Many soldiers today carry at least 60 lbs of extra weight. With a weighted vest, you can build up the same amount of strength and endurance that they typically have.

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