Which is Better For Your Joints – an Elliptical Machine or a Treadmill


It’s very important for people today to keep their bodies in shape and healthy, with there being so many sedentary lifestyles and careers that abound. The population today uses more technology to make their lives easier and a larger amount of people than ever before also have jobs that entail sitting or less movement than has previously been seen. This has made the home fitness equipment industry grow by leaps and bounds, however some people may have concerns as far as what kind is the best one for them to own. One of their concerns may be centered around joint pain, and what option will provide the least amount of stress to these parts of your body. Two of the most popular home fitness machines are the elliptical machine and the treadmill. They are both easy to acquire, easy to use, and require very little prior knowledge of exercise routines.

How are they similar?

Both of these choices give a great workout for your legs, and are also well known for the cardiovascular benefits that they provide. They are both able to simulate running or walking motions without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. This means you are more likely to actually use the equipment that you have spent your hard earned money on, and you are more likely to stay in better shape. They are both flexible in how they are used. Because of this, a person can have a very low impact routine while someone else may change the settings and get a much more intense experience. They also both have a wide price range, making them affordable to a larger demographic of people hoping to maintain their physical health. These two do have some key differences though and one of them is the amount of stress that they can put on your joints during your workout.

What are some of the important differences?

While, as mentioned, both of these pieces of fitness equipment offer some of the same health benefits, there are some key differences that may affect your decision of which would be the best bet for your household. First and foremost, elliptical machines offer one benefit that treadmills do not. In most cases they have handles that allow a person to work their upper body at the same time as their lower body workout. Another difference between the two is the motion that is achieved when using the machine. An elliptical is a much smoother all over motion. Your knees and back experience less jarring and you do enjoy a smoother feeling routine. You are also less likely to experience pain in your hip joints than on a treadmill.

It is worth noting that when using a treadmill, you will also go through less stress on your knee, back, and hip joints if you are only using it for walking and not running on it. In addition, an elliptical trainer may not be appropriate if you are training to run any kind of race. You won’t get the proper type of simulation for that. However, they do provide a fantastic workout with less joint stress for most people.

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