Considering the Black High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm

Black High Density Foam Rollers - Extra Firm

Choosing the right piece of equipment for you, can be a very daunting task. So which one is the perfect fit for you? When picking one, the decision can come down to what you specifically need from this item. Do you need one for smoothing out muscles? Is it balance and core exercises you need? Or is it a deep tissue massage that you are seeking for? The answers to those questions will help lead the way to making the right choice based on the needs the individual has.

Black High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm

This option can be ordered in different sizes, which is perfect for getting exactly what you need. The molded polyethylene material makes this a high density choice that is great for a nice and deep tissue massage that will feel especially amazing after an intense work out. However with this type of very dense roller, you need to be an experienced user of this kind of roller before considering this one. You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete to benefit from using it. This is also a great option for people who work as desks, and helps relieves the tensions of that desk work. Compared to other top foam rollers, this is an overall great one to consider .

The durable construction of this equipment can withstand weights of most of all of its users without losing shape. Durability is important when you invest in anything, no matter how much it costs. Fortunately, this piece of equipment is inexpensive in comparison to many others on the market. This makes it a desirable option if you do not want to overspend on something you are unsure of how well it will work for your particular needs. This product is more than worth the small price tag, especially since it does retain its firmness. Many physical therapists and people who have gone through physical therapy, have noted that this comes in a similar quality that you would get in the professional facilities. If it’s good enough for professionals, it should be more than good enough for the average, every day person to use.

This does not mean it doesn’t come without flaws. There have been complaints of the product peeling apart. It’s made from a material that is similar to Styrofoam, and it has been reported that it does flake as easily as the standard Styrofoam. This can lead to safety hazards for small children and pets. Another frequent complaint is that if you order it in smaller sizes, it seems as though they just cut a large size into a smaller one. This means that one end seems finished professionally while the other side looks unfinished and aesthetically displeasing. It also looks like it is peeling off. Along these same lines, users have noted that the quality received from this product decreases with each new order.

Another comment complaint is that it has bruised and harmed some users. As common as this complaint is, it might have more to do with the user than the actual product. If you use any exercise equipment that is higher than your experience level. This complaint could be as a result of a beginner using this variety of product for the first time. Any high density roller, no matter which brand, is for users that have used this type of product many times before. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury as a result.

How does this compare to its competitors?

This product the most inexpensive of the top rated brands. Since it’s non-textured, you are not going to get a truly deep massage as you would with the texture varieties, such as the ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller. The ProSource foam roller, however, is not as firm. The Black High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm is better for the experienced person who wants that rock hard firmness. Plus, as I stated earlier, it is the most inexpensive of the rollers. The price alone makes it hard to compete against. The ProSource Ultra Deluxe is much more portable than the Black High Density, because the product is made of a much more lightweight construction that is conducive to travel. If travel is nothing that concerns you, than you really have to choose between the textured tissue massage and the firm soothing of this smooth surfaced variety.

Do you want a deep tissue massage? Then this might not be the option you are looking for. Do you just want something to release your tension from your job sitting at your desk? Then this could be the better choice for you.

The Verdict?

If you have the experience, this is a great product for an unbeatable price. It’s hard to find another very dense firm roller in this price range that does as well as this one does in the ratings. If not, you should consider a less dense version since those are better for beginners and you can prevent getting an injury. The construction is a mostly good quality, though for the price tag you can’t expect something that is too much better than that. It is a top rated equipment for a reason. Most users have no complaints and love this product. It is as firm as advertised and provides everything the user expected of it. This is a great option for you if you have experience.

This is definitely a roller you should consider, given you have used one before. It is highly rated, priced right, and has a variety of sizes to suit your needs. As it comes different lengths and in half or full roll varieties, you can really order the exact product to suit your personal needs. Half rolls are used for balance and core exercises, while full rolls are more for helping the muscles. The general firmness can be nearly impossible to beat in the category of shape retention. When considering your needs, this should be a piece of equipment at the top of your considerations. You do need to weigh the pros and cons to make the right decision.