Black Mountain Resistance Band Set – Quality Exercise Bands at a Reasonable Price

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain is a company that is dedicated to providing the highest-caliber workout equipment at rates that are affordable for everyone. These Resistance Bands, complete with five bands, a carrying bag, and a door anchor, is no exception. An answer to the call of those who have not had the time to go to the gym, and of those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on bulky contraptions, this muscle-bulking combination, which costs less than a week’s paycheck, is perfect for home workouts such as P90X and Insanity, as well as simple weight lifting exercises and light aerobics. In essence, it is a product that is as versatile as the human body itself.

What makes it so great?

One might wonder, why should I not buy something else? What makes this product better than the others? The answer is simple: this array of resistance bands, unlike other contraptions on the market, provides a complete workout is a dual force of both low price and compact construction.

Built for the home, this set comes complete with a door hanger and attachable handles for an upper-body challenge. Its included carrying case, too, renders the elastics optimally portable so that you no longer have to skip on exercise while on the go. The elastics themselves, connectable so as to range from two to seventy-five pounds in resistance, allow the user to self-adjust as he or she progresses, having become stronger and more experienced with the product. A popular buy with users both amateur and expert, the bundle shows to be a pleasure for those who participate, as well as an inexpensive alternative to a time-sensitive gym membership or pricey, bulky exercise machinery. SPRI bands are also equally popular and a good alternate to these bands.

Customer reviews, while overwhelmingly positive, do indicate the product is difficult to put back into its bag, and the fact that there are only two included handles makes it a trial to fluidly change between weights. Other users, comprising less than ten percent, also say the bands themselves are flimsy and will snap within the first few days. While one should not ignore these critiques, the product’s ninety-day warranty offers more than a little assurance that the manufacturer adheres to a high standard of both quality and customer service: according to feedback, buyers who had contacted the company were shown to have their problems resolved in less than two days, on average.

Who’s behind it?

This particular equipment is manufactured by Black Mountain, an Illinois-based company that promises to provide the “highest quality and largest selection” of fitness-related items. Since its beginning, the company has consistently remained in the top of the list, for both the durability and for the optimal design of its wares.

The bands about which the article is written are perfect examples of the company’s mission. Made of natural latex, they ensure durability for a long life of use. Too, the material is, according to buyers, of the ideal texture for preserving a steady hold. While the cords have a soft texture and a pliable mold, which is best for avoiding of callouses and friction burns, they also maintain the grip ability that is requisite for those who wish to sustain control of their training.

Along with the elastic ribbons comes a door anchor, as well as two cushioned foam handles. The archway apparatus, which has been the highlight of customer reviews, allows one to easily use the set to its full potential. In addition to quick mounting to doors and arches, the collection also allows for an enhanced upper-body workout through the foam handles, which can be attached to the bands. As a whole, the set gives one the opportunity to achieve an exercise that is typically only seen at a gym, or with heavy dead weights.

Accompanying the kit is both a starter guide and a book of exercises, which have been subject to the grateful praise of those who are just beginning their journey to fitness. Inside the starter guides is contained a simple band-identification chart, as well as safety information that, according to customers, is essential for beginning work with such a product. The book of exercises, which has been revered as one of the most complete on the market, provides an overview of workouts ranging from arms to ankles.

The entire set, along with a ninety-day warranty, is backed by customer service that has been rated as “outstanding” and “exceptional.”

So, what now?

Now, you are acquainted with the basic information behind Black Mountain’s elastic combination of fitness technology. While it has proven a hit with customers everywhere, you should know that such items are not for everyone. If you do decide to take advantage of this solution to traditional fitness methods you can be assured that your money has not been wasted.