Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer, Chocolate, 2.25 Pounds

Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer, Chocolate, 2.25 Pounds

Body Fortress brings to the table a gainer formula specifically designed to help hard gainers. They feature superior mass building whey protein, an extended amino delivery formula, muscle glycogen building carbs, and over 10g of BCAA’s. They support whey protein as the king of all proteins due to its higher content of Branched Chain Amino Acids (those BCAA’s mentioned before). The BCAA content gives whey-protein a faster-digestion rate, something that can be really important because it allows your body to recover as fast as possible after a hard workout. Whey also scores the highest in the major categories applied when evaluating protein, including Biological Value, Nitrogen Protein Utilization and Amino Acid Score. This staunch support means that Body Fortress doesn’t see the point in including any protein sources other than Whey.

Nutritional Info

One serving of Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer (4 scoops or roughly 170g) contains 630 calories. That breaks down into 6g of fat, of which saturated fats make up 3g. Then you have 98g of carbohydrates, the highest total amount we’ve seen on this list so far, but that comes from only 7g of fiber and then a whopping 83g of sugar. To put that into perspective, 83g of sugar is nearly identical to the amount of sugar found in a liter of soda. Lastly, you get 47g of protein. Additionally, vitamins and minerals are added to satisfy 100% of your daily value of the main nutrients. The sugar that Body Fortress does incorporate is fructose, which is a simple sugar that the body doesn’t have to take much effort in digesting, which can cause spikes in blood sugar. This does, however, mean that the product contains no sucralose.


When it comes to quality ingredients, Body Fortress just isn’t there. The quality standard is to include primarily complex carbohydrates, not simple ones as Body Fortress does. This overreliance on sugar is easily this product’s weakest point. While many still report that it does aid in weight gain, there’s a good chance that it causes primarily fat weight gain as opposed to muscle weight gain (unless you’re timing your intake of Body Fortress really well so that the sugar gets burned off as energy and doesn’t instead just sit around to turn into fat instead). The amount of sugar makes for a very sweet tasting drink, as you might imagine, which some people prefer.

The Difference         

The big difference in Body Fortress’s product is the quality of ingredients. This gainer is cheaper than others on the list, but at the cost of trading complex carbs in for simple ones instead (primarily fructose). While there’s nothing wrong with fructose in and of itself, the high quantity is a hurdle for many to overcome because if you don’t burn it soon or right away, you will likely just gain fat when taking this product. Of course, you can always modify and only take 1 scoop a day instead of 4, but that also means less protein, on top of the fact that they already have the lowest protein content of any all-in-one gainers on this list. That being said, this is the top 5 list, so the worst of the top 5 is still a solid product and contender to be considered when deciding what gainer will be best for you.


 Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer might be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a deal and willing to sacrifice a bit of quality for it.
  • You are highly active and anticipate burning the high sugar content.
  • You want a product that provides solely whey protein as opposed to a mixture of various types.

Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer might not be the gainer for you if:

  • You want a product that includes creatine.
  • You’re worried about the high sugar content.
  • You want a variety of proteins.

The Bottom Line

Body Fortress’s gainer is a bargain product, and you can expect that to be reflected in the results. It won’t do nearly as much for your body as the other all-in-one gainers on this list. That being said, it does still contain a lot of the nutrients that your body needs to gain bulk; if you’re willing to overcome the hurdle of high sugar, then this product will still allow you to gain mass (without the pitfall of simply gaining fat). It does hit at 3.9/5 stars on amazon, largely because of the sugar content. It also only comes in a chocolate flavor currently, which could pose as a problem for certain people depending on taste; all of the other products have a least a few flavor choices to pick from.