Should You Buy Bodylastics Stackable Exercise Bands – Let’s Find Out

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set
Perfect for the above-strength individual, Bodylastics provides a set of resistance elastics that can conform to the demands of both Pilates and Mixed Martial Arts. Able to provide a combined resistance of up to ninety-six pounds, the bands are ideal for those who wish to get a leg-up on their competition.

Positive Effects When Used to its Full Potential

This specific set of resistance bands are guaranteed to provide superior quality to all customers, and reviews state no less. One user, who has been using the product for a year, states that she can “definitely see the results.” Another buyer compliments the fact that “everything was operable right out of the bag,” and that shipping was timely. A third customer jokes that he “NEEDs” to get into the habit of exercise, so he is able to use the products on a more regular basis. On the whole, the latex cords have proven to be worth the customers’ money.

As with all situations, there are outliers. For instance, there are consumers who have indicated that the tubes “snap after a couple of weeks,” and that they were apt to “fail prematurely.” There were also customers who insisted to potential buyers that it was imperative that one first read the instructions, as the accompanying door anchor was liable to be dangerous if not set up correctly. In addition, there were reviews that stated that the DVD, which comes with the set, is rather cheesy and contains exercises that are almost too simple for the target audience. On a less negative note, those who criticized the snapping materials and unreliable door anchors were either given a replacement or a full refund after having made contact with the manufacturer’s customer service.

The set, which comes with access to over two-thousand videos and a wall chart, carrying case, and attachable handles, seems to be a worthwhile purchase even after its cons are considered.

A Quality Promise, at Home and on the Battlefield

Bodylastics, a Florida-based company that has revolutionized the world of resistance technology, is a popular name in both home fitness and military training. Founded in 1998 by Blake Kassel, who was unhappy with the lack of results he was getting with other, more expensive equipment, the company has grown to be featured in magazines such as Glamour and Woman’s Health, and to be used by soldiers in the Army, the Air Force, and the Marines. According to its website, Bodylastics is a manufacturer of exercise equipment that sees improvement with every passing year.

Its set of resistance bands is, without a doubt, no exception to the company’s guarantee of unwavering excellence. The cords, which are made of snap-resistant latex, contain the most latex of any other brand offered which, according to Bodylastics, ensures heavy-duty durability. Supported by the Quick-Click system, the products are equipped with aluminum clips that allow for easy connectivity to door anchors and provides safety, handles, and even other accompanying components for a challenge that can total from three to ninety-six pounds of weight resistance.

The set, complete with Bodylastics’ revolutionary door anchor and workout poster, makes for the ideal home-gym for anyone whose lifestyle is that which does not allow for expensive memberships or bulky equipment. The door anchor, which is the most versatile of any competing product, is able to hook to any part of the door so as to reach any and all muscle target zones. The workout poster, along with three months of free access to the compnay’s own LiveExercise network, provides the beginner with over two-thousand exercises to kickstart any regime. An alternate to consider is Black Mountain elastic bands which are of equally high quality if not better.

Now, it’s Your Turn

Bodylastics promises to provide customers with quality service at a minimal price, but is their exercise set right for you? Perhaps you are considering it as a gift for someone who is dear to you. Could it meet all of their fitness needs? The set, while wonderful for all, might not be the idea fit for everyone. Some customers would prefer to go to a gym, as they use the social atmosphere as a source of energy and motivation. Others enjoy workouts that do not need equipment, such as outdoor running or traditional calisthenics. However, with a lifetime warranty, you should not let these opinions direct you away from a purchase that could improve both your body and your mind. As you are able to find the product easily online, as well as at several mass retailers, you should seize the opportunity of a workout that is tones your body in ways that you would have not thought possible.