Bowflex Adjustable Weight Bench 5.1 is for Everyone

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1

Bowflex is one very trusted part of its parent company Nautilus. They are one of a few large distributors of fitness equipment in the Untied States. They have diligently distributed to the fitness world for the past 40 years. They are a very established company. That is comforting to know when buying a product for the first time. They are located in Vancouver, Washington. The Select Tech 5.1 is a nice, simplistic looking product that meets all the needs of a lifter.

On the market

This is one the best weight benches you can currently get online. Buying a Bowflex 5.1 weight bench requires a little research, so for help with buying I recommend reading ‘How to Buy the Right Weight Bench for you”. This price is a little steep but a good price can be found on. The Select Tech 5.1 is a smart buy for those of you looking for something strong and versatile.

Iron against Iron

In comparison to the Ironmaster Super Bench the Bowflex Select Tech Adjustable 5.1 is the better buy. It is a step above the benches in it’s class. The style may be similar to others out there but this offers more by way of adjustments. The Bowflex 5.1 does not require you to sit and mess around with all of kinds attachments like the Ironmaster. It also allows people of any size to work out on it. Where the problem with the Ironmaster is that it has a height limit. It has many more angles and looks more sturdy than the Ironmaster.

The best

The Select Tech 5.1 blows the others out of competition. This is a great weight lifting option if you are looking to include a weight bench in your home or gym. Bowflex 5.1  is one incredible, trusted name in fitness. They have been on infomercials for years and even have regularly aired commercials. They are well know and would not jeopardize their reputation by selling a bad product. They have been around long enough to get past the possible hiccups.

Simple assembly

The easy assembly is a striking deal. Nobody wants to spend hours attempting to put something away in frustration.

Built Strong

Built well enough to withstand large enough amounts of pressure. The limit is 600 lbs. It is more adept at holding weight than it’s competitors with the same design.

Great for height

It is capable of accommodating people of a larger height range, which is really needed. This being the first time I have heard of a bench being able to be used by someone of a taller stature.These are all major selling points. The strength in the product is one of the most important features. You don’t want something that is going to break down on you. For the large amount of people that struggle with being able to use it to its full potential due to their height, this is for you. No longer will your knees be more inclined then you.

The worst of the best

Like any product, you will find things that are not completely perfect. In this case we have cons that are common with the Bowflex 5.1. These slight design errors can be frustrating when buying a product.

Large footprint

This is a large piece of equipment and will take up a good amount of space but no more than the Ironmaster Super. This appears relatively light and fills negative space without over crowding the room.

Space in back

There is a gap between the two portions of the seat. The space can cause you to strain your back. The original design may have called for a gap based on possible workouts.

Problematic wheels

They tend to have a problem with wheels that do not move or stay on properly. They make portability difficult and bothersome. The wheels have been shown to lock up. They also have the tendency not to move in the first place.Unfortunately there is not a remedy for the wheels not working correctly. The space in the back can be fixed by closing the gap between both parts of the seat. This will reduce the pain all together. With a bulky piece of equipment like this the only remedy is to have a set amount of space pre determined for the product you’re looking for to avoid dissatisfaction.


Sure you could buy a bench that is similar to this one but this has the rest beat. With the ability for more than the standard available adjustment options the Bowflex Select Tech 5.1 is number one. This having a nice, simplistic looking piece of equipment that meets all the needs of most free weight lifters out there. It belongs at the top of the list because it meets the most needs without compromising its own functionality.