Burning Calories with a Treadmill

A treadmill is a great way to burn calories to help you meet your fitness goals, and should be an item for you to consider if you might be thinking of making a home gym. The expenses upfront might be daunting, but it will pay for itself when you consider how much gym memberships can cost every month. This is all about how to burn calories with a treadmill.

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill

Is a Treadmill Even Worth It

This is entirely dependent on what your needs and physical level are. Basically, for most people the answer is yes. This machine is generally very easy to use and often the frills in the higher end models will make it worth it because they will have better shock absorbency that will help protect your joints and lower back while using it.

The important thing you need to do is to first figure out what goals you have in mind when considering this product. Are you someone who is an advanced runner? Or are you just going to take it easy and walk? Will you do both? You should research the best model for those needs because they will be the major key in which product you’ll want to be purchasing.

Work Outs to Burn Calories

Assuming you have the main goal of weight loss when purchasing this piece of equipment, you might want to consider these work outs to help those calories melt away. This can help you achieve your goals and improve your health, which is probably why you bought this to begin with.

  • Mix of Interval Treadmill and Strength Training: With this work out, you start out with the standard interval training on your machine, alternating speeds and inclines at various for about 15 minutes. Then get off the machine and do bicep curls and other weight training for another 30 reps each. You will next get back on your treadmill for a 5 minute interval cool down. After this, do 30 reps each of chest presses and dumbbell lifting. This will burn more if done on a stability ball rather than the floor.
  • Treadmill interval and Body Toning: You will start off on the equipment doing varying speeds and inclines on the machine for 5 minutes. Climb off of the machine and go into 30 push-ups and 30 triceps dips. Return to the equipment for another 5 minutes of varying intervals of speed and inclines. Get back on the floor and proceed to do about 25-75 crunches, even amount on both sides and plank for 2 minutes.
  • 30 Minute Interval Training: To begin with, you’ll start to get into it with a 5 minute warm-up where you slowly walk. Then you alternate a running and briskly walking with a 1 minute/2minute alternation for about 20 minutes. Finally you should end up with 5 minute walk to cool down.
  • The 20 Minute Burn: For this one, you should start with a 5 minute warm up and then run on the equipment for 10 minutes. For the remainder of the 10 minutes, you will do 10 more minutes of various calisthenics to finish off the work out.

It is important to remember to stretch before and after these work outs and also to do a proper cool down afterwards. This will help prevent injury and decrease the recovery time.

Does it Burn a lot of Calories

If done properly, you could easily burn up to about 500 calories in a half hour to an hour depending on speed and inclines and will also continue to use them up and have a higher metabolism for 48 hours after the initial work out. You might also count on some varieties of this machine, like the Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill to have a lot of work outs preset into the console to help out as well as help you track your calories as accurately as possible.

What If I’m a Novice

Luckily machines like these types are for people of all fitness levels. If you are not an avid runner, you are able to get a walking or jogging treadmill that are generally less expensive but will be perfect for you. As long as you are even walking for a half hour a day, you are helping your health in a positive manner.

Isn’t Burning Calories this Way Boring

It is not just running while staring at the wall. This can actually be a fantastic way to burn off the excessive weight. You can do it while running in the comfort of your home in front of your television. If there is not television, some have shelves where you can place your favorite tablet to catch up on shows and movies while watching the pounds melt off.

Sounds Like a Fun Time

This could be a fun and excellent way to meet your fitness goals. It might not be the most versatile equipment out there, but you can run and walk in a manner that is easier on your joints. This is also a way to get your running or walking in on a day with less than ideal weather conditions outside, so there is no real excuse not to get up and go. Your body will thank you for this and you can live a longer life with better health.