All You Can Do While Riding a Recumbent Bike

Most exercise machines require you to hold on to something or grip something in order to balance. This is the case for most stationary bicycles such as spinning or upright stationary cycles. It is essential to hold on to the handlebars that are placed in front to maintain stability throughout the workout routine.However, you have the luxury of a hands-free workout while exercising on a recumbent bike. Therefore, there are so many possibilities that you could do and accomplish as you get your cardio and strength training in at the same time. Below are a couple of suggestions of what you would possibly do while riding a bent.

All You Can Do While Riding a Recumbent Bike

How Are They Hands-Free

First, you need to know how recumbents are a hands-free exercise equipment. The answer is in the design. Recumbent exercise bikes are designed with safety and accessibility in mind. They are an amazing piece of equipment for anybody who wants to have a quality stationary bike for their home. Bents do in fact differ from other exercise bikes due to the pedals being at the front instead of below, which lets the rider sit in a reclining position when training.

Therefore, the large, reclined seating along with the pedals in front allow the rider to balance without the need for handlebars. However, most bents have grips placed where your arms naturally fall- your sides.  Why?  Most of the grips have sensors on them. These sensors detect your heart rate. So, you might grasp them during your workout to read and keep track of your heart rate throughout your routine if you so choose.

Extra Push

Since you have hand freedom, you could take advantage of the opportunity and add to your routine by incorporating weights.  By using appropriately weighted dumbbells, you could get an arm workout along with your cardio! Here are a couple of extra moves for your upper body to add to your daily routine.

  • Hold a five to ten pound dumbbell in each of your hands and bend your elbows to raise the dumbbells near the shoulders, and then lower them until the arms are straight again. This is called a bicep curl; you should do two sets of ten repetitions.
  • For forearms, hold a light two to five pound weight and cross the arms over your abdominal area with the hand of the outside arm pointed out slightly from your body. Raise then lower the weight for twelve reps, then turn your hand over and do twelve more reps before swapping hands.
  • Use only one five to ten pound weight and raise it over your head with both hands. Keep your elbows straight and bend them back behind your head to lower the weight in the direction towards the floor, and then straighten them to raise the weight back upwards. Do two sets of ten to get a great triceps workout.
  • For your shoulders, have a medium-weight dumbbell in each hand. Next, press them over your head and then back down again. To do lateral raises, start by having your arms hanging at your sides. Then, raise your arms straight out until they are level followed by slowly dropping them.


If you do not feel like having an intense cardio workout with added upper bodywork, and you just want a leisurely ride; then there are several other options that you have the freedom to do with your free hands.  The recumbent bike is an excellent machine to multitask on. An upright or elliptical would be near impossible to do anything else except exercise.

Watch Television: Since you are already in a reclined and relaxed position, you can turn your chair in the direction nearest a TV. Some bents have wheels, so it is easy to move your machine to wherever there is a TV. Plus, you hands are free to hold a remote to change channels.

Light Reading: You have the option to use both of your hands to hold a magazine or book. Since you are not bobbing up and down, it is easy to catch up on your readings. Also, some models such as the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr comes with a convenient magazine rack added on.

Meet Deadlines: We understand that you are a busy person. This machine gives you the luxury of exercising while working at the same time. Some models have stands to put a laptop or iPad on. If not, that can be added on with an additional purchase.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

With a recumbent bike, there is no reason you cannot get what you need to have done each day and exercise too. You can be more productive and get a workout in while watching your favorite TV shows as well as catching up on some light reading. You, also, have the ability to tone and strengthen you upper body at the same time.