Cast Iron May Just Be Too Heavy For You

One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Cast Iron

Weight lifting is not for everyone but let’s say you want to try it for the first time then a cheap, easy, option for you is a set of cast iron adjustable dumbbells. They are sturdy in design, simple to use for beginners, and will not put a dent in your wallet.The cast iron dumbbells go above and beyond as the cheapest plus sturdiest dumbbells out there to select from. They are great for your first at home gym equipment and instead of going to the gym for three hours a day they will save your time for more family fun.Conversely let’s take a guess that you are are already ahead in the game and are looking for a quicker selection system, more options in weight, and something on the upper-scale side then these could be a complete waste of your time. Let us do a fixed-weight verse adjustable-weight review for you and then you can decide whether it is a waste of money for you.

Space Saver

Do you have a small apartment or no space in your house for traditional dumbbells? Well the adjustable set combines numerous traditional sets into one with a range of different weight plates. This particular set includes:

  • Solid chrome handle (5 pounds)
  • Two collars
  • Eight 5 pound plates
  • Two 2.5 pound plates
  • Two 1.5 pound plates

This brings our total weight to 105 pounds with both dumbbells. The individual dumbbells weigh 52.5 pounds, you would have to buy ten 5 pound sets to even get close to the weight you get with only one adjustable dumbbell.Changing weights is almost effortless. The handles and collars are threaded for a tight fit so you do not have to worry about the plates falling off. You spin the collars off and place how much weight you would want onto the handles and thread the collars back into place. For example; if you want twenty pounds you would put two 5 pound plates and two 2.5 pound plates on the five pound handle then thread the collars back into place and you are ready to go.

Same Old Song And Dance

Are you bored with the same thing over and over again? Well fixed-weights do not offer as much change as adjustable ones do. Normally your conventional dumbbells come in five pound increments so if your needed something in-between you would not be able to do so. Plus they take up a lot of space when you need more than one set. Hiding them around the house may help you out but, for instance, you may lose one then your kind of stuck doing curls one handed.

Cheaper Is Not Always Better

Many people are satisfied with the results they get when using an adjustable-dumbbell set. The cast iron set has chrome handles and collars with black plates. Some reviews in fitness magazines have complained that the paint will chip off and make a little bit of a mess but if you take the time to clean the product with hot, soapy, water this problem can be avoided.Also a few reviews have said that once you take them out of their packaging they will give off an odor. Not everyone has had this problem but, again, wash them and the odor will go away. Furthermore this peculiar merchandise does not come with storage trays. You will have to put them in a closet or in plain view. Shipped and made by a company called New Coast LLC, you receive two brown boxes upon arrival of merchandise.

Who Is This Great For

  • People who are tight on money
  • People who need a moderate weight range
  • People who do not mind putting a little extra work into making sure they are clean before use
  • People who have very little space
  • People who want a durability

Who Will Waste Their Money

  • If you have the extra cash to get a more upscale model
  • If you want your product to look more modern
  • If you need something that is ready to use right out of the box
  • If you want some extra features to make your work out complete

Finalizing The Deal

Overall when you want something that is cheap and easy to use the cast iron adjustable dumbbells are definitely the choice for you. Just remember there have been complaints of chipping paint and odor upon unpacking. You may have to wash the merchandise so they are ready to use.Even though there have been complaints they combine numerous sets of traditional dumbbells into one, which saves space in a small apartment or house. You have a moderate weight range which is great for beginners.