Cooling Down Routines

Exercise itself is only half as important as two other aspects to your exercise routine. The before stretches and the after cool down is often just as important, if not more important, than your actual exercise. Without properly stretching beforehand, you could risk injury from overextending muscles during the work out. You could use your roller to help with this essential part of a person’s regimen, but you should select the right one for your needs.

Cooling Down Routines

The Importance of Cooling down

You should never forget this part of your routine. By forgetting to do so you could risk increased muscle soreness. This aspect of one’s exercise regimen helps you by increasing blood flow to the muscles that were used, which helps them receive more oxygen which will also allow for the nutrients they need to get through to help the repair of muscles. It is also very important to ease your heart rate back to normal, especially after a routine that really gets your heart pounding at its fastest. Failing to do so can cause dizziness. This will bring your heart rate down at a gradual pace rather than a sudden switch.

My Roller Can Help?

These are versatile pieces of equipment and you can really get a lot of usage out of them. While you might be able to exercise with them, they really shine in this aspect of one’s routine. This is what they were made for.One of the example of roller is optp soft foam roller. Just using one to help with everyday cool downs, you could relieve tensions and knots that really cause a lot of pain. Getting into a routine with this item will really help you in the long run by its numerous benefits to one’s health and well-being

Different VersionsTo Do With Your Roller

What type of regimen you do after your work out is dependent on what you need. Runners, for instance, will need a different one from someone who strength trains. Getting the right target points are an essential in your recovery. There are different stretches for the various muscle groups that you would want to soothe during this part of a regimen you use. Below are several stretches and massages that you can use after you finish your exercise.

Abs: To start, put the equipment on the floor and lay on top of it, keeping it at your lower section of your abs. Put your forearms onto the ground. Stretch your legs back while in this positing, making sure that your feet are touching the ground. While using your arms to assist in pushing, walk backwards in this position so that it glides up your ab muscles. After you complete that motion, pull yourself into reverse so that the item slides back down to a person’s lower abs.
Calves: For this body part, sit on the floor with the roller placed under the mid-calf area. Be sure that your hands are slightly behind you. Put a majority of your weight on that area while lifting your hips off the floor. Slide it from your calf to your ankle for about 30 seconds, rotating your leg as you do this back and forth to get the maximum benefit from it.
Hamstrings: Place the equipment underneath your thigh muscles and slide it between your knees and butt. If you want to increase the amount of pressure against the area, use it on one leg than do the other.
Inner thighs: Also referred to as the “adductors”, lie stomach down with one of the legs raised slightly to the side while keeping your knee bent. Place the roller in the groin area of the raised leg and slowly glide it between your hips and knee. After 30 seconds, switch sides.
Quads: This is another one requiring you to be on your stomach. Put the roller against the front of your thighs while laying down on it. Slide it up and down along your thigh between your hip and knees.
Biceps: Rest on your side while keeping your upper arm on the equipment so it is alongside your body. Glide your bicep along while you use it for leverage keeping your hips off the floor. Do this for 30 seconds as well.

Cool downs are just as important as the exercising itself. These are important to relax your body after strenuous exercise to help ease into one’s pre-work out state. This will reduce your recovery time and chance of injury. This is because the blood flow is increased which aids in the circulation of oxygen and essential nutrients to where the body needs them. It will reduce the chances of dizziness. This will also help increase the mobility and flexibility in the muscles in doing so. Never forget to hydrate, stretch or cool down as part of any routine. Make sure to stay diligent with it, and practice safely.