Critical Cycles’ 7-Speed Step-Through Dutch Commuter – A Modern Classic

Critical Cycles Dutch-Style Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

While it possesses all the physical traits of a more classic model, this hybrid is definitely not your grandmother’s bike.  Built to compliment city travel, Critical Cycles’ seven-speed step-through Shimano hybrid is a product that is fashionable, comfortable, and, as its description puts it, “admirably functional.”Meant for the metropolis, the retro beauty is adeptly engineered to easily climb hills and withstand even the longest commutes.  Available in five colors and two sizes, too, it opens the doors of effective transportation for people who are short and tall, as well as those who would like their wheels to come in a shade other than the hallmark white, gray, and black.

Classic Character

The hybrid, although it is made with modern materials, harbors all the character of equipment whose unique patterns and trademark models painted the twentieth century.  Geared toward women, it has earned the title of “adorable” from an owner, who uses it for “riding around with her kiddo.”As with older vehicles, the bike is far more complicated than most in regards to assembly and maintenance.  Feedback, in its entirety, tells of trials that were involved in putting the vehicle together, and the outside help that had to be sought.  For example, one user said that she had entrusted its care into the hands of her husband and brother.  A second, who had bought the device for city use, said the “online directions were incredibly hard to follow,” and she would not have been capable of putting the bike together if it were not for her own tools.  On the whole, though, individuals who had gotten the hang of assembling the product were thrilled with the results.In addition to mechanics, the cycle is adorned with every little touch necessary to give it its retro flair.

Along with front and rear fenders, it is embellished with an electric chrome headlamp, which allows the rider to travel during those after-dark hours that might prove inevitable.  Although the light itself has been riddled with critiques from buyers who have not been skilled in illuminating it; one can easily see, from the product description, the lamp’s batteries are not included.Giving consideration to the comfort of their clients, Critical Cycles has also ensured that their product’s tires, saddle, and handlebars are made of the highest-quality materials.  Attached to the hand-built frame, they have garnered the raves of buyers everywhere.

 Light Bike, Light Price

Constructed with the same metals that are used on professional racing bikes, the Dutch copycat runs for about the same price as other hybrids: just under three-hundred dollars. If you are looking for a women’s only option the Schwinn women’s GTX is something to consider. Its frame, which we have already told you is handmade, is fabricated in steel to provide the aerodynamics of an airplane while packing the power of a truck.  Its rack, saddle attachment, and pedals are primarily of chrome, which gives the hybrid both sparkle and stock in avoiding the “wild cards” it may encounter while rolling through the city roads.  Since the device is made for females, its lightness allows for less hectic carriage up apartment-complex staircases, cement stoops, and rickety metal fire escapes.The machine’s size is also great for the smaller rider, as well as the more vertically-endowed woman.

Its “small” variety is geared toward those whose height falls under the average five-foot-four, and its “large” option fits riders who are, fortunately, above the five-foot-five mark.The product’s tires, too, should not go without mention.  From Kenda, a leading manufacturer of tires for bikes, cars, and motorcycles, the rubber supports are guaranteed to last for years of wear, tear, and sidewalk debris.  The tires are also designed for touring, proving they are ideal for a long life of use.Even though the bike is no speed demon, it is able to rotate between seven speeds for optimal performance.  The quicker speeds are wonderful for moving upward, while the lower speeds find use in situations where coasting and dodging are almost necessary.  Its brakes, as well, are specifically modeled for quick and easy sidewalk stopping, as well as rapid brakes on the street or the path.In short, Critical Cycles has manufactured this top rated hybrid bike that fits every type of woman who years for emission-free metropolitan travel.

A Characteristic Choice for a Wide Audience

This hybrid, as you have seen, carries an appearance that sets it apart from others.  However, it is a classic, chic design that appeals to almost everyone, and that is endowed with the best-quality parts the company can offer.The largest warning from buyers is with regards to customer service, which is said to be spotty or unavailable in certain situations; but help can always be found at a local bike shop or sports store.Made with the best materials and priced reasonably this bike is worth every penny.