How Are the Crowbar Goggles by Oakley Any Different

Oakley Unisex-Adult Crowbar Goggles

Shopping for new ski or snow board equipment can be frustrating at times because everyone is shaped differently and is a different size. This is not any different when it comes to ski goggles. Luckily Oakley makes a great pair with a specialized fit, plus they included all of their other usual extras. Let’s look at what really sets the Crowbar model apart from all of the other choices out there.

What are the plus sides?

These goggles have an innovative design with a few alterations to fit Asian facial anatomy. They are more petite with a more narrowed and deepened bridge. They are designed to more easily fit a person with a flatter facial profile and have additional foam padding where it is more necessary to keep them where they need to be. This also helps prevent fogging and makes sure that they fit nice and snugly against your face. These variations mean that while they are appropriate for all ethnicities; Oakley just did a lot of research as far craniofacial characteristics and tried to fit a wider variety of athletes.The lenses on the Crowbar also have fantastic anti fogging properties, just like one would expect from such an iconic name and have been noticed for their comfort during wear. This is in part because of the triple layer polar fleece face foam, and the spectacular venting system that has been put into place.

What didn’t we like?

These goggle are from a very big name company, so this leads to a pretty hefty out of pocket cost. Some users may find them well worth the price, but if you are on a budget, you might look at some other versions out there, like the Scott Sports Scope. However these do contribute a very specialized fit, and you won’t find that from just every pair you pick up.Along those same lines, many people found that the style was not appropriate for their faces. They stated that these felt very small and much narrower than other sets. It’s always important to remember to check the fit for your particular head shape.

Deeper down

This pair of goggles was developed and manufactured by Oakley, so you certainly are buying from a name you can trust; as of right now, they sell their products in over 100 countries all over the world. They are made with a super light and flexible frame to help it stand up to frequent use and still remain comfortable. The moisture wicking foam made to contour your face also contributes not only to all day comfort, but to their anti fogging capabilities. In addition, the lenses are wide, giving you a good peripheral view, and surrounded by venting that also aids in preventing moisture build up and is sure to keep you out in the snow all day.These goggles block out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, ensuring that you can play all day without worrying about your vision being harmed. Plus, the different lens colors available assist in letting you stay out, no matter the weather conditions. This model can be purchased with a pink iridium colored lens or you can find them in yellow, as well. This way you can still remain stylish with these innovative goggles as well, because in addition to the lens colors, the frames also come with different choices in color. The Crowbars frames are available in classic colors like black, white and silver, making them a good choice for even the pickiest shopper.The frames are strong and lightweight with a high level of impact resistance and a super flexibility built in. The manufacturers also include pressure distributing frame struts in order to give you an even better fit with this eye protection. In addition to the more comfortable frames, and the carefully engineered face foam, they also attached a wide silicon adjustable band to ensure you won’t ever want to take them off.

How do they stack up?

These are some pretty fantastic goggles for a lot of athletes of all calibers and levels; however they do have a specialized design, so they definitely will not work for everyone. They come with some great options for many different weather conditions and they are extremely comfortable. This pair also has been stated to perform well in the area of anti fogging properties, which gives them another point.The main issues are that they are certainly on the high end of the pricing spectrum and you do have to make sure that the alterations in styling are proper for your face shape. There are always lesser expensive options out there, but these are a good expert fit from a reputable company with many variations to choose from. I would suggest giving them a shot if you are shopping at the high end and looking for that special Asian Fit frame.