Why Is Cycling Becoming More Popular

Re-Inventing the Wheel

The wheel is not a new concept. We have a saying “I am not asking you to re-invent the wheel,” that means you do not have to start from the most basic, primary form. Man has understood wheels for millennia and has put that knowledge to good use.Nostalgic images of a mustachioed Victorian gentleman on a unicycle in sepia color come to mind when we think late 19th century cyclist. First introduced in this century, cycling developed in an active, intense sport in the 20th century. The discipline of cycling called mountain biking has seen a significant increase in popularity in the last decade; economical, environmental and organizational influences accounts for this rise in popularity.

Cycling Becoming More Popular


Mountain biking was originally developed in the 1970s, as a sport where customized cruiser bikes practiced downhill riding. Downhill biking is a practice where the rider descends a steep, rocky trail at a high speed. Out of this branch, sub-branches have developed, like slope style, which is a practice where rides do tricks like tail whips, 360 degree turns , front flips, and backflips.

Growth In the Late 20th Century

ESPN executives looking to capitalize on a market that was largely untapped, created a recurring annual event, launching the first X-games in 1995. X-Game events include skateboarding, BMX racing and performance cycling, etc.. By 1997, the Winter X-Games were launched with events surrounding snow games like skiing, snowboarding , etc. These games have transformed these activities into legitimate, mainstream sports. Skating and cycling are not just simple pastimes, but rather required dedication and skill to perform stunt . This is an opportunity to showcase the participants’ endurance and disciple.National initiatives like the ones put out by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) has attributed to the 30% growth in cycling per year since 2009. The NICA boasts about 3,000 student-athletes as well as 1,000 licensed coaches. Practice session are conducted outside the high school campus setting in race venues and in local training parks. The element of inclusion, where cyclist well into their 60’s can keep up with the youngsters, as well as no distinction being made based on gender.

Eco-friendly Effects

The “Go Green” initiates that have taken greater strides in the last two decades can be said to have on an effect on the world of cycling. This eco-friendly option can be an alternative to motor vehicles for moderate distance. Cyclists limit the consumption of fossil fuels , reduce the severity of traffic congestions, and cause less noise population. The maneuverability and relatively lightweight design makes parking easier, in addition to access to city roads and paths as well.

Types Per Terrain

Our pick for mountain bikes are based upon the compatibility of terrain to model.Rough tracks require bikes that vary greatly from standard road bicycles. The Diamondback and Kawasaki brands provide a variety of models that cost relatively the same as a road bike, but are constructed with an inherent superior quality, which makes upgrading certain features of the bike an investment. The potential of the 2014 Diamondback Axis and the Kawasaki DX226FS to be used as an entry level performance bicycle is unparalleled with any other low end mountain bike of its kind.


Cyclist for all practical urban purpose are the same as pedestrians or joggers. In the wilderness however, bike trails may not be maintained or built properly, resulting in land erosion or contamination of water sources. Cyclists make unauthorized routes because they wish to deviate from the hiker’s path resulting in the destruction and disruption of nature. Currently underway are revisions to land – management plans in various park trails in Western states to remedy this situation.

At the Forefront

As people become more aware of the benefits of rejecting sedentary lifestyles., cycling competitions are gaining popularity similar to the number seen at running marathons. The disciples of cycling are expanding, the equipment is becoming readily more available which in turn has made the prices more affordable; the sport has seen itself become a sensation.The novelty and disciple of competitive racing has taken its place among “skater” trends that were predominantly based upon skate boarding or in-line roller-blading.Mountain biking is an activity that can be a life time passion , unlike other sports where age or certain metal conditions greatly affect one’s ability to participate. We are taught to how to ride a bike in early childhood and most people can continue this well into retirement years, with lengthy gaps in between riding periods , and pick up where we left off last.