Deciding on a Weight Bench

Deciding on what type of exercise equipment you would like is really only half your battle. The other half of your battle is picking a type, than choosing one of the many varieties of that sort of product. This is a similar situation to what you will have when you decide that you might opt to purchase a weight bench. You should consider your personal goals and needs when you are sifting through your numerous options. Here are some things for you to consider. Not picking the right one could hinder your efforts towards your fitness goals

Deciding on a Weight Bench

What Are My Options?

Where to start? First, there are many kinds of benches: curl benches, Olympic weight benches, and dumbbell weight benches. The more common ones for the at home user would be a dumbbell weight bench, just like the highly recommended Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1. These are also popular because they have the most versatility of other brands. You can add on accessories like for doing leg presses and curls. These also have the capability to turn into several different kinds of positions so you can really get whatever work out or multiple exercises you’ll want to get done during your routine.


Some versions of this product are geared more towards the fitness professional that is hardcore into lifting, like any of the Olympic style ones. Other ones, like the dumbbell variety has a lot of simple features to it which is perfect for beginners but has the ability to be upgraded as you feel the need to. This is important because it adds onto it being possible to get many sorts of uses out of this item.You’ll need to specifically focus on what you would like out of it to properly decide one which one to purchase. What are your goals? Do you need to bulk up those skinny little arms that everyone jokes about? Or are you more interested in a leaner physique? Maybe you want an increase your endurance? Or maybe you just want something to tone up your already lean body to get that fit look? These are things to think about when you are thinking of your options.

What Am I Looking For?

You will want something that feels stable. This will give you an added confidence to lift safely. Another important feature to look for is something that is comfortable to you. If you are comfortable, you will be better able to work out. For this you might choose to go to the store to sit on them to ensure that it is comfortable enough before you buy it either in store or online. A good idea is to look for one that is adjustable. This might be adjusted for your comfort or to do many different varieties of exercises. That could be important to make sure that you spent your money on a truly multipurpose bench.

I Didn’t Know There Were So Many

It might be a great idea to research all varieties of this product to make positive that you made the right choice. This can be a very beneficial item to have in your home gym, but it can be expensive. You might want to consider all your options before plunging in.