What Are the Different Types of Elliptical Trainers

As you shop around for different pieces of fitness equipment, you may develop a little bit of confusion while trying to purchase the right one for you. One of the deciding factors of which elliptical machine you get may be where the flywheel is placed for the drive mechanism. There are three different placements available. These are front placement, rear placement, and center placement, and each one has its benefits and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at each of these and examine which may be the most appropriate for each situation.

Different Types of Elliptical Trainers

Front Positioning

Machines with a drive on the front end are often the least expensive of the three types. They also usually have more moving parts, which means that they can require more maintenance than the others. Another downside is that they tend to produce slightly more noise and this can make your workout a little more unpleasant. In addition, this variation usually has a forward lean to them, meaning that your body isn’t kept in an upright position while you exercise. This isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, but some people may find it more uncomfortable to work out this way.

Rear Positioning

Elliptical trainers with the mechanism in the rear of the machine were the first type ever released to the market. Because they have been around the longest, they have a longer track record as far as maintenance necessities. They don’t have as many moving parts as the front – drive models, so this also helps them require less work to be done on them. Plus, many people enjoy using them more because of the more comfortable upright position that they allow your body to remain in. This type of elliptical usually gives a more silent ride for the user, as well. Because of these plusses the rear-drive option is often a little bit more expensive as well.

Center Positioning

The center – drive elliptical technology is the newest variation of this kind of fitness equipment. Therefore, as it stands to reason, they have they have the least amount of research done on them as far as durability goes. They are usually one of the more expensive purchases but, they have a lot of bonuses to help provide you with a great experience while reaching your fitness goals. Generally, this type of machine is more compact than the other two versions, making them useful for people that don’t have a lot of space. They are also known to be very quiet while in use.

Which choice is right for you?

So, while each type has its specific ups and downs, it really comes down to a personal choice for each person. While some people might prefer the slight uphill motion of a front – drive, another person might require the smaller footprint of the center – drive. Or it may be a choice of which machine has less out of pocket upfront, or which has the longest record of maintenance.