Different Ways to Use Your Resistance Band

Even for the strictest, most old-fashioned athlete, resistance technologies can prove a wonder for your health.  They are inexpensive, portable, and, as outlined below, diverse.

Different Ways to Use Your Resistance Band

More Muscle

It is no secret exercise bands are easy replacements for traditional weights, such as dumbbells and barbells.  Giving you the opportunity to progress in muscle mass for a fraction of the cost, they are the answer to the call of individuals who cannot afford a gym.

Here are a few ways to maximize your muscle with resistance training:

  • Bicep and tricep curls, normally done with a dumbbell in each hand, can be done just as easily with a fitness elastic.  If you have bands that are flat, you will benefit the most by standing on one of them while lifting either side with your hands.  If your cords are corded, try attaching them to something that is anchored to the ground.  No matter how you do it, your routine will be amplified with the help of elastic.
  • Pull-ups can also be ameliorated, when one wraps the band in a secure fashion around the pull-up bar so as to allow his or her knees to be anchored in a way that prevents his or her hanging freely.  While this exercise is amazing for building muscle stamina, it would be wise to keep someone around in case injury should occur.
  • Side-steps, which are usually done with a squat in the middle, require no bending when completed with this new invention.  All you have to do is wrap the rubbery ribbon or cord around your ankles, and make your step as wide as possible.  Challenge your feet to go further, just try not to trip!

Despite the options listed above, there will always be individuals who are unwilling to part with their old-fashioned equipment.  These new methods, though, make for less injury and more chance of your routine lasting a lifetime.

Unfaltering Flexibility

As you become older, your joints and ligaments are bound to lose the range of motion that was so large in the days of yore.  Luckily, resistance technologies can both prevent this from happening and increase your flexibility to levels even greater than before.

Here’s why:

  • Varying resistances, or “weights,” give something against which your body can contract, making the stretches more active than before.  Stretching with exercise bands also lets you increase the weight over time, driving you to go harder and further with your training in flexibility.
  • Daily stretching is easier with elastic technology.  Since the products are light, they can be brought anywhere in any sort of bag.  Certain items, such as JS Fitness bands, even come with something in which you can carry them.
  • Elastic properties placed within the bands create a force which allows for the development of a wider range of motion.

These revolutionary elastics are also wonderful for those who have sustained a sports injury, or for those who have been prescribed physical therapy for a bone condition such as osteoporosis or arthritis.  They are powerful healing tools that can help one regain both body and life.

A Doorway to Fitness

Resistance exercise is an optimal method that allows for creativity inside and outside the gym.  Due to their compact size, they are easy to have around the home without taking up too much space.  There are certain brands, such as Black Mountain bands, that come with a door harness.  Harness or no, you can still turn your door into the ultimate gym.

Below are a few ways you, too, can have your door reach its full potential:

  • Position the band under the door for a killer leg routine.  You can wrap the cords around your ankles, or attach them to your ankles with a handle, to do exercises that involve both standing and sitting.  The form can also prove useful for the arms, when doing modified bicep curls.
  • Place the product near the knob to take control of your pectoral muscles, as well as your triceps.  Putting your product near the middle of the door makes it easy for you to achieve resistance in almost every part of your upper body.
  • Attach it under the door’s upper arch to get rid of those “lunch lady arms” for good.  In pulling downward, you work your posterior, arms as well as your upper back.

Run Away the Pounds

Finally, you can actually use these rubber ribbons when running.  All you have to do is harness them around your waist, and onto a sturdy pole or other mechanism on which you are able to attach the band.  In so doing, you create an opposite force that forces you to work your legs while running.Are you still not convinced of your power to add resistance technology into any sort of fitness regime?  Perhaps you should take our exclusive article on resistance bands.  It might just change your mind for the better.