The 2014 Edgewood Men’s Sport Hybrid – Not Just for Sports


The 2014 Edgewood Men’s Sport Hybrid, manufactured by Diamondback, is a bicycle that, made of reinforced aluminum and steel alloys, promotes a comfortable and upright ride through the combining of the comfort bike’s ergonomic engineering and the mountain bike’s unwavering ability to withstand all terrains, from the flat, paved roads of the city to the uneven climes of Appalachia.The bike has proven to be a favorite hybrid bike with big, tall men who often have trouble finding a cycle that fits their needs, and who are more prone to have trouble with their joints.  Its sizes, though, coming in three varieties, proves that it is a great selection for anyone who enjoys rolling off of the beaten path without the wear and tear traditional bicycles can inflict on the body.In all, Diamondback’s latest model is an example of a product that is optimally versatile in both use and user.

Sleek, Solid, and Stable

While the product may seem slightly heavier than its competitors, it does not tote the bulky appearance of most items that claim to be “built to last.”Thanks to new research and engineering in the world of metal, the bike is able to both carry heavy weights and resist the elements while possessing a mass of about twenty pounds.  One customer, a man who stands above six-feet tall, claims that the bike offers “precisely what I [he] is looking for in a bicycle.”  Another user, at about the same height, reports that his three-hundred pound body has “put over one-hundred miles on it, and it has performed flawlessly.”

In addition to durability, the hybrid displays the ideal make for riding on bumpy, uneven, or hilly grounds.  Equipped with a two-density saddle and suspension fork for the ultimate balance, the bike’s features are such that the ride is “smoothed significantly and adequately.”  Now, you can finally climb that mountain.  There is also praise for the handlebars which, allowing for rotation between three ranges and seven speeds, are “perfect for street commute speeds, hills, flats, and light trail.”  Another user raves that the handles allow for “great speed transition.”  More critical consumer advice states that, however, if one intends to engage in a lot of serious off-road travel, it would be wise to replace the tires with something that can more easily take damage.In all, the bike is great for people who have experienced trouble finding something to, in one package, fit their size, skeleton, and need for economic transportation through town, city, and country. The next best option is the schwinn discover hybrid bike which is equally well built and in the same price range.

The Bike Builder’s Bargain

Diamondback’s product is a potentially large investment for the average buyer.  Coming only partially assembled, too, the cycle can prove a challenge for customers who have little to no experience with the nuts, the bolts, and the patience that comes with bicycle assembly.The bicycle’s primary critique is about its included instruction manual, which does not provide enough specifications for those who are bike-building novices.  One customer, while more than satisfied with the product itself, says that its instruction manual is “generic, designed for every product Diamondback makes.”  According to the majority of users, the bike takes “about an hour” to assemble in its entirety. Although it has proven to be more than expected for some, the product, overall, has received more than satisfactory ratings from riders who are adequately-versed in bicycle construction.  Diamondback’s latest hybrid is great for the individual who is looking for something that offers lifetime quality at a limited price, and who is acquainted with the inner and outer workings of the mechanism.

Dream, or Decision?

Diamondback, a company that prides itself on the quality of its products, might not be perfect for everyone.  If you are someone who is looking to jump start your fitness regime and save on electricity bills to power your equipment, or if you are someone who wants to try a mode of transportation that is gentler on your environment, this product might be your answer.While the price of the device might be an issue, it is about what one would pay for a month’s worth of gasoline.  If you live in an area where conditions allow for frequent bike travel, you should definitely look into buying this product.  Backed with a lifetime warranty and service that rings well with its customers, it is something that can easily find replacement if you find it is unsuited for your needs.The bike is available online, as well, so you can buy it now with a click of your finger.