Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table for Back Therapy Exercise Fitness EE-INVR-09B GREEN Review

Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table

Back pain can come at any time, to any person. It can be a nuisance and can inhibit your movement and, worst of all, your daily activities. There are many things out there the help you get rid of this pain. You could take pills or get a massage. You could do yoga or pilates. What about another idea? You could try a non-invasive, low energy machine that could help to take care of your back pain and even help with blood flow through your body. What innovative machine am I talking about? An inversion table, of course! Many people know about inversion tables and what they can do for you, such as elongating your spine and taking the stress off of your nerves and muscles. Today, I’ll be talking about one of numerous options on the market. This is the Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table by the Emer Company. This table has been on the market for a while, but doesn’t seem to be very well known.

More About This Product

There are many features on this table including supporting up to 300 pounds and users between 4 feet and 6 and a half feet tall. It’s made of tubular steel for durability and folds up for easy storage. The assembly instructions are included, but many people complain about the poor quality of the instructions, making it difficult to put together. It takes between 20 minutes and an hour to put together securely with the cheap tools that come with the machine, for those of us who don’t have a bunch of tools sitting around at home. One complaint is that the only instructions that come with this table are the assembly instructions, so if you’re new to inverting, I suggest you do your research on how to safely and properly invert before using this product. The backboard is made of ABS plastic and it’s contoured to limit your body sliding on it. The foot and ankle pads are made of rubber, which causes some comfort complaints. There is, though, a longer release handle for releasing your ankle, which helps those who can’t bend down properly. You are able to invert to a full 180 degrees with this table, while some others only do a 90 degree angle. Another thing I notice about this product is that it does not come with floor stabilizers. The only thing that sits on the floor is the steel, so I would recommend getting some rubber to put underneath the steel frame, so you don’t slide around while using this machine on a hard surfaced floor.

Features of This Product

  • Height range of between 4 feet to 6 and a half feet
  • Weight maximum of 300 pounds
  • Full 180 degree inversion
  • Tubular steel frame
  • ABS plastic contoured backboard
  • Foldable frame for easy storage


  • Sturdy frame made from tubular steel
  • Large height range (4’-6.5’)
  • Definitely helps with back pain
  • Long ankle release bar
  • Comfortable backboard made of ABS plastic to limit body slide


  • Assembly instructions can be hard to decipher, making the machine hard to put together
  • Complaints of missing or damaged pieces
  • The ankle and foot boards can be uncomfortable
  • Could end up slipping on hard surfaces due to only steel being on the bottom frame
  • Does not come with usage instructions for new users

My recommendation

First off, I will say that there are only 140 customer reviews on Amazon, which is a very small amount compared to other tables. People were raving about the price, though, being cheaper than MANY other inversion tables on the market. The biggest complaint that I’ve found while sifting through reviews is that the assembly instructions are very difficult to read and leave a lot of room to figure it out yourself. It also doesn’t come with usage instructions, so I definitely would recommend doing A LOT of research on the proper use of inversion tables before stepping into this machine.The most common complaint with most inversion tables is that the ankle locks can be uncomfortable. It is the same with this machine. Others have suggested wearing shoes or putting some molded rubber over the ankle locks for extra comfort. Many of the features are easily adjustable.Overall, my recommendation for the Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table is to do your research. There aren’t enough reviews for my liking, but the reviews that are up are mostly positive. If you do choose to buy this table, DO YOUR RESEARCH! You MUST know how to properly and safely invert before using this product to cut down on any additional pain for you. As with any inversion table, make sure that you are always using it safely!