Exercises to do With Foam Rollers

Exercises to do With Foam Rollers

You bought this foam roller at the suggestion of a personal trainer or physical therapist as a way to assist you with chronic pain or pain after a strenuous work out. But now you have this piece of equipment that you just wish you could do something more with. Luckily, you have a very versatile piece of equipment in which you are able to use for more than just stretches or massages. I will share with you some exercises in which you might try to maximize the usage of this product. For these work outs you will need a high density roller, like the Black High Density Foam Rollers Extra Firm or another suitable option that is high density where you might find a half lengthwise size for others which might make the exercises easier.

The Modified Plank/Push-Up

You know those planks or push-ups that are done diligently by you, but wished you could get more from it? Then pull out the roller now. This might be easier if you have a half version, but if you want the full benefit from this exercise you should go with the full variety. With this product, you are able to get a better engagement of your core muscles. Place one or both of your hands on the roller, depending on how much intensity you desire. You might also place the roller at your feet. Proceed to do the plank or push-up as you would normally do. It forces your body to work harder at maintaining the position which gives you a better core engagement.


Did you ever think you could use this item during your yoga routine? Not only can you utilize it to massage you while doing certain poses, it’s great to help you maintain stability while doing more difficult poses. They can be more helpful to you than the yoga blocks that assist during poses. Get a shorter roller, which would be perfect for this usage.

The “Marching Crunch”

Trying to find a great ab exercise that will really help build muscle for that ever desired 6 pack? This might be worth your time trying then. With a smaller length type, lay down on it along your spine. It should be no longer than your spine when you lay on it. Bend your knees but keep your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head, relaxing your elbows out. Lift your head and shoulders up while moving one of your feet off the ground. Lay back down, and then repeat with the opposite foot. Alternate back and forth between feet for about 10 reps each. To be more effective, make sure that you keep your core tight while doing this routine.

Balancing Act

Another great use for this product is to use it as a tool to help improve your balance. Use one of these to aid in upping your lunge game. Get into your lunge stance, placing your back leg on top of the roller. Glide it along your shin while standing up from this pose after holding it for 30 seconds. As you stand, slide it along your leg towards you. Repeat with the opposite leg.

The Sit-Up

Have you ever thought of what you could do to improve the boring sit-ups that you dredge through daily? Here’s a way to kick those up a notch. Lay down on the ground, placing the item along your shoulder blades. Raise your hands outwards above your head, parallel to the floor. Do this while raising your arms outward to a 45 degree angle when you sit up. Repeat this for a whole minute.


There are many purposes of this item during your Pilates class. It may be used to assist in maintaining stability while doing Pilates to help keep your core engaged while practicing your balance.

This product is a very versatile tool to aid in your well-being. It will benefit you in many ways. The deep tissue massage you receive from it is excellent. It’s great for helping you with your cool down stretches after a workout. It is even great to assist in soothing your muscles, whether it’s for chronic pain or for just a knot here and there. Even more than that, this piece of equipment can be used for exercises. This is a great item to have in your household. You really get your money’s worth with it because there are so many uses for it. Try it in the ways suggested above or find other tedious routines that you want to spice up. We know you can modify your crunches and sit ups by utilizing this equipment. Maybe you can even invent your own specialty exercise that will help you build core strength as well as massaging you and stretching out your muscles.