Fitness Tips for the Frequent Traveler

If you are a wandering soul like me, it is easy to fall back on your routines of exercise and health in favor of convenience and comfort.  I am not saying either are wrong, however they can exponentially hinder your progress should you intend to say abroad for an extended period of time.Below are some simple instructions for staying fit while on the go, which come with little cost and no strings attached.  In order to make them work, though, you have to be flexible, open to new ideas, and willing to be stared at by the natives. Fitness Tips for the Frequent Traveler

Keep it Constant

A big part of a fit lifestyle is constant, regular exercise.  When you’re traveling, however, you might be spending hours on planes, trains, and in automobiles.  You must sit far more than you’re used to, you’re tired from jet lag, and you feel like doing anything but going for a jog.It’s time to make the most of those layovers.  Even if you’re simply walking around the airport or train station, keeping on your feet is one of the best ways to continue moving when you’re in transit.Once you make it to your destination, take a stroll in the neighborhood or city.  Get to know your surroundings, as they will come in handy, later.  Another wise choice is to bring along something small, like these set of resistance bands.  It is always nice to have a back-up plan for inclement weather or areas that simply do not do the athlete justice and you can do several types of workouts with these bands.

Get Creative

Even having the bands referenced above, you might yearn for something that allows you to challenge yourself.Here is where that walking comes in handy, and where you put your right brain to the test.  New locations come with endless possibilities, exercise included.Whenever you travel somewhere new, you should look for items that, although they may not have been constructed with that purpose, allow for push-ups, pull-ups, squats, anything!  Some examples include playground equipment, trees, and fences; all objects that have some sort of solid, straight form. You can also use the elastic resistance bands we talked about in the linked article.

Track Your Workouts

A great way to measure your progress is through tracking.  Even if you’re aware of your increase in strength, putting your advancements down on paper is awesome for looking back, and seeing how far you have come.There are several options for tracking.  Should you be into technology, you can use the notepad function on your phone, or one of several apps for both Android and Apple devices.  My personal favorite is a small leather notebook, which I have carried with me for years.  I can fit it in my purse, and write both thought and regime throughout my trip.  It’s also the place where I keep interesting documents, like photos, tickets, cards, and money, that I obtained throughout my trip.Overall, tracking is a way to keep on track, and give you confidence in your progress.

Eat Healthy

You could say I am an expert of foreign junk food.  You could also say I would weigh much more than I do if I spent all of my time eating that instead of wholesome, equally-flavorful dishes.  To sum it up, the protein-packed sushi and sashimi of Japan is far better than their oddly-flavored Kit-Kats, and the fresh-off-the-vine fruit grown in southern France blows any Nutella crêpe out of the water.  I could eat Princessas day and night in Poland, however I am also a fan of their duck and sauerkraut offerings.The list goes on, however I will wrap it all together with the advice you should pay attention to what you eat.  It becomes difficult to do, especially in areas where temptation is high and fresh produce is expensive, so I advise you to put more money into your food budget than you might, typically.With the world becoming more globalized to western culture, I assure you are sure to find nutritious options that will satisfy the pickiest belly.

In all, it is not that difficult to live healthy while traveling.  All you have to do is remain open, and make your regime flow like the wind that is leading you.  Your fitness might also render you able to better know your surroundings, meet people you never would have met, and try foods you never would have tried.However you do it, you are advancing further than the people who leave their exercise plans in the dust as they enjoy a stay away from home.  Rest and relaxation, however, are by no means synonyms for laziness.  Good luck, and enjoy!