Five Ways to Make Your Commute More Green

The economy is improving, which means more people are going back to work.  Although the increased job market is a positive factor in the lives of young and old alike, with it comes the added risk of environmental downfall.  Below are five ways in which you and others can substitute your gasoline usage for the sake of our planet.

Make Your Commute More Green

Go Public

If you live in the city, you could benefit from public transportation.  Between trains, busses, and trolley services the options are virtually endless.  Most cities are making moves to better advertise their services, so as to get people out of their cars and pollution out of Earth’s atmosphere.Individuals who have made the choice to use public transportation save around eight-hundred dollars a year and a lot of energy.  That is enough for sixteen full tanks of gasoline!  Also, there are communities that are initiating efforts to reduce their carbon footprints through the addition of diesel and electric power.Should you find the public way to be the answer, a great place to begin would be the web page of your city.  In most cases, they will list the options provided, as well as the schedules on which they run.  You could also find this information through your community’s local visitor center, or another public place.

Use Your Legs

Before cars there were wheels, and before wheels were legs.  It’s amazing what your legs can do, and it is a waste to not use them for something as simple as getting to work.  This option is ideal if you live somewhere where your commute is short, and where there are areas on which you may commute by foot safely.Another popular choice is biking which, although the initial cost of the mechanism might be steep if you do not own one already, can pay for itself in a matter of weeks.  Not all bikes come at high prices, however.  For instance, Takara’s Flat-Bar Fixie costs less than two weeks’ worth of fuel.  Before you go with our suggestion, though, it would be wise to readabout which bike is the best for you.Whether it be walking or biking, you should be positive your commute is making a positive impact on the environment.

 Get Some Help

With gas prices at an all-time high, it doesn’t come as a surprise more people are choosing to carpool.  Along with saving on gas, you can also meet new people and, according to studies, get to work faster.To begin carpooling, the best decision by far is to find coworkers whose commute is similar in distance, as well as in location, to yours.  It’s surprising how many people might drive by your house on their way to work.If you’re met with challenge in your own company, you can search for fellow carpools on websites like NuRide or eCarPool.  There, you may encounter workers who, while they may not work at the same location, have hours and distance similar enough to match your personal schedule.

Make a Connection

A rising trend, especially for writers and analysts, is telecommuting.  With technology at our fingertips, it is simpler than ever before to connect with your employer at the push of a button or the click of a mouse.The added benefits of telecommunication include more flexible hours, as well as a work environment that is uniquely you.  Those who could be telecommuting waste, on average, fifty hours and twenty billion gallons of gas per year attempting to navigate congested, rush-hour traffic.To use this method effectively, you need a stable internet connection, as well as an accessible home phone system.  A home office, too, is not a bad idea.

Find a New Route

Summer is the season of road construction, which means more delays and more gas wasted during travel.  When stuck in traffic, there are some cars that can burn over a quarter of a tank of fuel!A wise choice would be to ditch the interstate in favor of winding country paths.  You might have thought they would be long and confusing; however they are improving by the year.  In fact, going the “back way” can save you a bundle of time and stress, as there are fewer vehicles through which you have to maneuver.This is the ideal option for people whose commute is too long to allow for walking or biking, or whose towns do not have an effective service of public transportation or carpooling.There you have it, five ways to make the world a better place through the conservation of fossil fuels.  While the environment may be your main focus, your new lifestyle may come with the added benefits of closer relationships and a healthier physique.  What are you waiting for?  Get on your bike, and see your world differently.