Foam Roller

Why You Should Buy a Roller

Do you have a desk job that sits you in a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day and you come home with knots in you back? Are you a runner that runs for miles at a time and come home feeling like your legs are detaching from your body? Do you often have times where you work out too hard and regret it after, which leads you to take more time off from your exercise routine than you would like to? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, using a foam roller is a great idea for you.Foam rollers are beneficial for people of all types. The trick will be finding the right one for your needs. There are many varieties of this equipment for you to explore. There are textured surfaces or smooth ones, there are long and short. There are half roll and full roll varieties. Most importantly, there are varying degrees of density. The more dense the foam, the more experience required to use it without it being too painful. If you use a density that is more than you can handle, it could be an excruciating experience which will turn you off from using this product.

Exercising with your Roller

When you spend any money, you want to make sure you can get a lot of use out of your purchase. You are sure to get that with the mass amounts of versatility you will find with your new foam roller. It is not enough that you can use it to soothe your muscles for whatever needs you might have, but this piece of equipment can do so much more than just solve your aches and pains. However, it does have the ability to do both soothing and core stabilization exercises all at once depending on how you use this product and which variety you decide will fit your needs.Mostly the exercises used for this equipment are core oriented work outs. It focuses on using your core muscles to balance and stabilize your body. You can also do numerous crunches and sit up exercises on it to help get that six pack and bikini body that we all want. Not only does it help with your abs work outs, you can also have assistance with your other exercises. You can use your foam roller as a balancing tool to help you with the more difficult postures in yoga and Pilates. This is a purchase you will not regret.

Using Your Roller Post Work Out

Any personal trainer, or other person employed in the business of keeping you exercising, will tell you that what you do before the work out and afterwards are just as important as the exercise you are doing. Before exercising, it is essential to stretch before hand to make sure that you do not strain any of your muscles while working out to prevent injury. But did you know that you needed to ease back into the pre-work out state to also prevent any injury? Consider this a lesson in the importance of the cool down.Cooling down helps reduce the recovery time of your muscles. This is as a result of the increased blood flow you get while doing the cooling down routines. With this increased blood flow, oxygen can freely go to wherever it is needed and this helps deliver important nutrients as well as cleanse the system of toxins. This also helps relieve the tension and knots you get when you use your roller. When doing cool downs with a roller, it could be recommended that you use a high density variety like Trigger PointPerformance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller, which comes in different lengths. With anything else, it is important to research your decision to pick the right roller for your needs.

Choosing Your At Home Massager

Most people enjoy that spa experience, where you get lost into the calming sounds of that soft music while taking in the scents around you. This is while a God or Goddess of a masseuse helps relieve the muscle tension where you need it. Then you get a nice drink of the best tasting water you have ever sipped on, though you know it is really just tap water that is flavored with lemons or cucumbers. And finally, you get that bill which you pay while biting your lip but lack a care in the world because you just feel so great. This can be too pricy for the average, hard-working Joe can afford frequently. In fact, for most of us this is a once every few years occurrence.Fortunately for us, retail stores are profiting from the daily want for a massage but a lack of funds for frequent spa days. Plus, who does not want to use a nice massage while children are screaming in the background? These at home massagers are inexpensive and you can use it in the privacy of your house. Many stores have shiatsu varieties of massagers to be used on all parts of your body. A great option for you is the ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller, which is small enough to be used on most parts of your body but there are other foam rollers you can look into.