Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

With its soothing designs that remind you of nature’s best, the Gaiam Print Premium helps you get in the zone just by looking at your mat. The lifestyle company, whose name is inspired by the fusion of “Gaia” (the name of Mother Earth from the Minoan civilization in ancient Crete) and “I am”, offers fitness gears and media for fitness inspiration. With their belief that we are all interconnected with the Earth, the company practices Conscious Commerce. This concept means that every aspect of our lives must be taken into consideration when it comes to making purchasing decisions, which are affected by personal beliefs and values, because it creates an impact to the earth as well. Promoting both individual health and sustainability of Earth’s resources, they aim to provide alternative quality products to keep the natural and healthy lifestyle.

The Healthier Choice

If you were already practicing yoga a few years ago, you’d know that the choices back then were pretty limited – mats were only made of PVC and just bought mainly for how sticky they were. Nowadays, companies offer various factors to consider when choosing, and Gaiam gives you the option to choose healthy. The Print Premium is made free from phthalates, which are chemical plasticizers often used in the production of certain plastics and paint products. The mat is free from the 6P, six types of phthalates that are, incidentally, now banned for use in children’s toys.

Extra Cushion, Extra Comfort

With 5mm of cushioning, it stands almost twice as thick as the other standard choices. This works perfect for those who need the added extra to support the back, knees, and other problematic areas. It is also suitable to be used for restorative yoga poses. Although other available alternatives such as Jade Harmony and Manduka Pro are lengthier, the 5mm mat is lightweight enough to carry around. Users who have been using two pads will find that just a single .5mm is enough to replace your double needs.

The Good


The aesthetically pleasing designs definitely help relax you to start your yoga. The numerous available patterns that contrast with the pad’s main color are sure to keep you interested. Be ready for compliments coming your way about the pretty designs.


Users have praised its flexibility and stickiness. The thickness doesn’t hinder the balance given by the mat, to keep wrists and extremities protected still. Though the reviews have been mixed, some yogis find the surface of the pad to be the right stickiness to keep hands and feet in place as they change positions.


It is thick enough that it may even be used for outdoors, on grass, or on hard floors. The extra .2mm (compared to the Gaiam .3mm Yoga Mat) makes a big difference for the support of your strained muscles.


Say no to the nasty chemicals added in standard PVC made, and say yes to a healthier practice using this (it’s also latex-free).


This one’s easy to find in every store, and even easier to buy online. You can purchase your favored design at a low price. This is definitely among the cheaper high quality products out there.

The Bad


The smell might be a little overwhelming initially. Although free from harmful chemicals, it is still made from PVC. Be sure to air it out before using for the first time.


Some users have complained of it being way too slippery. Users may need extra yoga towels to help with your grip. Holding positions may be difficult for those who have palms that easily perspire or those who practice hot yoga. You may opt to buy the Aurorae “Synergy” for its ultra absorbent microfiber towel on top of the mat.

The Next Level

If you care to spend a few more bucks to get a little bit more Gaiam perfection, you may go for for their premium line Sol, where they offer a collection of different people’s “perfect” choice. A bit more expensive than the 5mm Premium, the collection has the high quality you expect from Gaiam, offering various thickness, densities and formulation. Thoughtfully designed by yogis for yogis, the Sol collection is made with the customers’ needs in mind.

The Verdict

Gaiam envisions a world where people choose to live healthy lifestyles. They offer a wide array of media found online, targeted for the health and wellness of their customers. A purchase also includes a bonus free Yoga Workout Download to get you started on your practice. This is surely the choice to buy for beginners who want to get the best combination of comfort, support and balance. Order online (and get their lifetime warranty!) to begin your yoga experience today.