The Genesis Original GOB123 Hits the Beginner’s Target

Genesis Original Bow

“Keep it simple” is the name of the game when it comes to the Genesis Original. Children all the way to adults will want to get their hands on this Compound bow for a satisfying target practice.Manufactured by Mathews, Inc., this model is “ready to go” right out from box and includes a nocking point on the string which makes it even more user friendly.

Its one size fits all structure accommodates people of all different sizes, young and old. Additionally, one will find it useful because there is little need to adjust its components. This is a great all around tool for novices and includes many valuable features suggested when selecting a compound bow.

Genesis Original: As Compared to Other Beginner Bows

As compared to The Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge, they both boast a great deal of appeal. However, this one relies on making different adjustments for each user based on their size and strength. Young users will need to continually make many different adjustments as they grow physically and as they improve their strength and skill.

The Infinite Edge has many for the important features a bow for new users should have. However, its price point is much higher, which is a greater financial investment for those who have decided that they wish to continue with the sport. It also has a heavier setting for draw weight and this might not be a feature a beginner operator is looking for just yet.

The Wizard Archery bow also has some of the same features that are needed for a novice, such as a compact design and adjustability. But in contrast, it requires a great deal of strength to pull the hefty draw weight of 55 to 70 pounds. This might be too heavy of a mass to learn with. There is more of a edgier design and people just starting out might not want to focus on the appearance but rather important items such as performance.

Why the Genesis Original Is A Great Choice for Beginners

As an official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program, it has already earned the respect of experienced instructors. Not only does this recognition prove that it is great, it has many highlights that are important and they definitely set it apart as a bow designed for the beginner in mind.


The aluminum construction and the zero let-off make this ideal for a newcomer’s bow. It ought to be easy to hold and carry and this one is. It can be held for longer periods of time which is especially important when practicing.

Requires minimal maintenance

Because it is ready to go right from box, there is little need for fixing or adjusting the components. This will be ideal for users who are learning and who need to concentrate on their sport rather than focusing on fine-tuning the parts.

Minimal adjustments are needed

The draw length of 15 to 30 inches, is a terrific range for new learners who will undoubtedly grow as they use this tool. The wide appeal and limited need for adjustability makes it ideal for a variety of users.

Good value for the price

The low price compared t alternatives, makes it a confident choice for those who are looking for a durable piece of starter equipment that will stand the test of time.

A great family or group addition

Highly fitting for various members of a family or group to use. Many people of different sizes and strengths can utilize this bow without having to make new adjustments each time.Who will benefit? New archers who want a simple design. Children who need a tool that will adjust as they grow and learn. Older children, adolescents and adults who need a light-weight type for practice. All these point illustrate why this is a solid pick for novices of different ages and sizes.

Such a Perfect Tool, Why Would Someone Pass It Up

While it is quite notable, some may decide that it is not the best for them. Here are some reason why:

  • They are seeking a tool that has more power and features more suited for hunting
  • They want a model that has more options when they are making adjustments for size and weight
  • They think that the look and appearance is as important as its function

So while this might not the best for everyone, especially experienced archers, it certainly has its merits in the beginner market.When it comes to versions that are appropriate for target shooting, the market has an overwhelming variety to choose from. Not only is this bow an all around great beginner tool, once one has mastered it, it will be perfect for using to jump off into a more serious commitment to the sport.Buyers should put this one at the top of their list and feel confident in selecting this must have for beginner archers.