Get Ready For Summer

Fun in the Sun

The fresh air, the sunshine , and barbeques. Summer is the season for leisurely pastimes. While there are a multitude of activities that can be performed year round, this is the time to engage in activities only possible this season.The sunlight will tan winter’s pale skin while the Vitamin D present in the sun exposure will regulate calcium and phosphorous minerals and help maintain proper bone structure.  The warm, fresh air make the following pastimes possible on the shore and at a park setting.

Get Ready For Summer

On The Shore 


Beach volleyball is always a hit for a fun day at the beach. Volleyball burns an estimated 585 calories per 45 minute period, in addition to the benefits it will provide in improving the health of the cardiovascular system and hand-eye coordination.  The average volleyball participant loses a pound of fluids in one game session; those playing in direct sunlight will lose more. Replenish your body’s water supply before, during, and after to avoid dehydration.


Swimming has been recorded since before the dawn of the Greeks. Be that as it may , you do not have to swim like an Olympic athlete, ancient or modern, to enjoy laps either poolside or seas side.There are plenty of activities to do on the shore from sea collecting or having a pick nick during a break from swimming. The beach but may not be as safe as public pools where multiple lifeguards are on duty. Pool side may be better for families with younger or multiple children.


For those who love the sea side, but want something more stimulating than swimming, should consider surfing or sailing.Surfing improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthening of the back and shoulders from paddling, while providing leg and core strength when balancing on the board. Surfing for half an hour to an hour can burn anywhere between 130 to 260 calories. If you do not feel capable or ready for surfing you can always try boogie boarding.Sailing is an option if you are traveling with people that will not become sea sick or are opposed to being out at a significant distance from the shore.

At a Park


Cycling is a sport rapidly becoming an international phenomenon.  Not just for daily commutes or light strolls through your neighborhood, mountain bikes are designed to withstand the rough terrain of  national park paths.  Biking is an active sport that burns an estimated 300 calories per hour. It is an excellent summer sport because your family can experience the foliage of nature while riding. Summer is the perfect season to teach kids to ride or hone their skills out on tracks.Mountain bikes come in a variety of sizes, models depending on the activity, and custom features that range from suspension to wheels, etc. . Selecting the best mountain bike is not easy, but some brands have quality bicycles for adults. The Schwinn Women’s High Timber is CPSIA and ASTM safety compliant and allows for a child ‘s bicycle trailer to be attached. For men, the 2014 Axis Diamondback is a bike with a name coveted because of its durability and its performance on mountainous terrain.


Planned all-day hikes or overnight camp-outs at a national park is a simple way to  reveal in the beauty of the natural wilderness as a family. Spending a day at a national park does not have to imply arduous hours on a hiking trail. You could set up camp and walk a short distance from it before returning to the original point for a swim at a lake or near a waterfall, or have a barbeque, where permitted.  This option requires more pre-planning as food, camps supplies, maps, first aid supplies, etc. must be packed before departure.

Ultimate Frisbee

As college kids are heading back home for the summer,  you can engage in is a classic college pastime as a family. Ultimate Frisbee has its origins in the countercultural 1960’s. It is a game that has gained traction over the years, celebrating its 12th biennial World Championship in 2012. Sportsmanship and fair play is encouraged due to the absence of an arbitrary presence. This is a sport whose only equipment is a disc Frisbee makes it a portable option appropriate for indoor locations like a gym, as well as outside at a park, or at the beach. It is often played in gender neutral teams, without a set minimum amount of players. 

So Go Out and Get Busy

There is no time like summertime to get active and enjoy the presence of one’s family. This is the season to make up for all the time you missed outdoor during last year’s polar vortex confinement. Even if this coming winter does not experience any blizzards , it is unlikely that anyone will be spending a day at the beach come mid-January. Pack the sunblock, first aid kits, etc. and have fun.