Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench


The GFID225 is one of the best benches you can buy. It not only looks cool but it is reliable. Body solid is a company that has been selling fitness machinery for the US and recently worldwide. They are based just outside of Chicago, Illinois. They pride themselves on their ability to provide multi-user durable equipment for homes and facilities.

What it offers

At first glance this fitness machine looks like nothing special. With a cool black upholster and silver frame this piece of equipment belongs in your home. It is classic, commercial rated, and shows itself off. It offers seven different adjustments. These adjustments give the opportunity for a large array of workouts with and without free weights. Buying the right weight bench can be hard. There is help available, ‘How to Buy the Right Weight Bench for You”. Though the GFID225 is more expensive but worth the commitment. The creators really believe in their product back it up with their warranty.

Competition with the Competitor CB 729 Weight Bench

There is no competition. This fitness machine is meant to hold up to pressure. The Competitor CB 729 is good for competitive but these two have the same max limit. The GFID225 is said to be more stable than the Competitor CB729. The competitor CB729 is so bulky it would need its own room. This makes owning a home gym or work out room necessary.

Why it’s Solid

The Body Solid product is a perfect match for anyone who wants a serious  fitness product without a lot of bulk. It is perfect for the common household looking for a reliable. Though it claims seven positions the original sitting adjustment makes eight. This will even fold up easily for storage. The wheels are a great touch for portability.

Seven positions

The seven positing options make this product more useful than the rudimentary five position benches. This makes the cost worth it because you are getting more for your

1000 lbs max

The fact that this more compact model is capable of withstanding such pressure is very impressive. Other products out there can’t meet the requirements of serious lifting and a compact piece of equipment.

Lifetime warranty

The fact that the company is willing to back their product for a lifetime is impressive. They believe in the quality that they put into their fitness products. They cover all pieces in their warranty as well.All of these are great features and are definitely what you paid for. You should not have much to worry about with the lifetime warranty. The 1000 lb max is incredible, very few actually have a limit that high. The amount of positions is just as wonderful. Most will give you a simple five positions. This gives you seven.

Where it crumbles

At the beginning of reading reviews and others opinions it became easy to see where the apparent flaws in design of the GFID225. The places where falls apart are not detrimental. The pros clearly withstand against the cons in this product. It is portable but can not fold completely flat, which does not help for storing it.

Back pain from space

There is a gap in the seat that is said to cause pain in the lower back when in different positions or inclines. This could be problematic if you do not know what you are doing.

The constant complaint of quality control

A large number of people complain that the pins are misaligned or that there is just an overall lack of quality when their product arrives. The general consensus is that it is due to a lack of checking the product before shipping.

Larger sized design

The large design does not help you if you are looking for something to tuck away under a bed or in a closet. Its not the largest bench but it will definitely require its own space in a garage or room.There are fixes to all these problems. This is easily remedied by putting a rolled towel in between the gap in the seat. The bulkiness can be fixed by folding it up to make it take up a little less space. If you plan to have the GFID225 in your own home gym than the space is not an issue at all. The lifetime warranty takes care of the quality control issue on its own. Don’t like it? Send it back.

Taking it home

The GFID225 is always a good option for a buyer looking to meet the needs of a strong bench without all the bulk and extra attachments to store. This is a nice choice and can fold completely flat. This makes storage a hundred times easier. The lifetime warranty is a major benefit to buying this piece of equipment. It meets a larger range of meets.  No other weight bench out there matches or comes near matching this warranty.