Go Fit Chin-Up Bar: A Top Seller

Go Fit Chin Up Bar

A simple, basic bar this product still holds its own among the many products in the market. If you value simplicity and versatility this may be for you!However, there are some features that might make it a bad fit for others, let’s take a look.

Go Fit Chin-Up Bar

This very affordable, adaptable piece of equipment is a popular choice for simplistic lifestyles. It is a straightforward bar, very sturdy and capable of holding up to 250 lbs.

It allows virtually any user to build their upper body strength and even assists in abdominal workouts!

Compared to Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Bar

Generally, the Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin-Up Bar is slightly more expensive than Go Fit. Many customers say it can be used without the suggested brackets and screws that may damage your doorway. If it is tightened appropriately, the rubber ends will hold it in place, but there is still a chance it will take off some paint. There are always risks involved with not using the safety brackets as well.Go Fit comes with 4 brackets, so that you can place the bar higher for pull-ups and lower to be used as a foothold for sit-ups and crunches.

What is so Great About the Go Fit Chin-Up Bar

What you really want to know is what makes this product stand out and why you should buy it. Let’s analyze its perks.


With this item being a straight rod, there really isn’t much to it, but it this case that can benefit you. Its simplistic design also makes it very easy to store away out of sight. It dislodges from the brackets on the door, so you can place it out of sight in a drawer, closet or under the bed.


This is reasonably durable being made of two steel rods that slide into the other. It comes with 4 brackets that can be screwed into the framing of the door. This adds a great amount of strength to the equipment.

Easy Set Up

After installing the brackets with the included screws, all that is needed is to insert the bar when you want to use it. It is removable, but the brackets stay in place conveniently waiting for the next time you need them. They should not interfere with the opening and closing of the door.

Comfort Grips 

As with many of the top pull-up rods, this one has comfort grips to ease the stress on hands. The grips on this bar can be moved to adjust to different grip positions.

Multiple Grip Positions

With adjusting grips, this rod has several grip positions that are easy to switch between. Simply, push the grips to where ever they are needed and proceed with your workout.

Two in One

The two in one construction makes this product versatile and more useful as a piece of workout equipment. It comes with 2 sets of brackets, one set can be installed high for pull-ups and chin-ups while the other set is low to assist with abdominal workouts and push-ups. This adaptation makes getting fit easier than ever and cheaper because you will not have to buy a separate piece of equipment to use as an assistant for working your abs and doing push-ups.


This is about as affordable as they. You get what you pay for, this will not have all the extra perks a more expensive piece might have, but it will get the job done and hold up to workouts securely.


A 4 out of 5 star rating states this item is simple, but can still keep up with the fancier products on the market. It serves its purpose well and typically does not disappoint.

The Down Side

As with everything, this product also has a few downsides. Let’s see if they would impact your lifestyle or not.

  • The weight capacity limit is 250 lbs., which is low compared to the majority of other items. This may not be a good fit for most adults, but would work great for teenagers or other young adults that are fairly light.
  • The screws are described by some as “cheap”, if you find yourself doubting the screws would hold your weight, you can buy stronger ones for a low price at local hardware stores.
  • This will not support swinging of any kind, it may dislodge. So, rough or intense workouts are not recommended, only basic exercises.

Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons for this individual product, however it still may not fit everyone’s lifestyle. As long as you meet weight requirements and use this item with common sense, you shouldn’t have any problems with it.All in all, this is another awesome piece of equipment from GoFit, if you have looked over all of your requirements and expectations and find this meets them, by all means go purchase one!