At Home massages

Who does not love the feeling you get when you go to the spa and spend a fortune on an amazing massage? Then you get that delicious cucumber water, and spend the rest of the day with the feeling of walking on clouds because you are so relaxed and comfortable. However awesome this experience makes you feel, it is a very expensive luxury that you can’t afford as often as you would need or like to have. What happens then? Luckily, the market is swarmed with products willing to help you out with something to supplement this desire of yours while also saving you money and letting you stay home. And in this economy, who doesn’t want to save as much as possible?

At Home massages

Pamper your Feet

Those tired and achy feet we get after spending our day running around after toddlers or wearing high heels, really take a toll on us. They make us feel tired and lazy. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to convince your loved one to give  you a foot massage daily or maybe you do not have that option. Either way, there are some varieties of massagers to help you. Some are tubs that fill with water of your desired temperature, which will vibrate where the arches of your feet are and bubble to help really get that spa pedicure affect. Some are also plain electric varieties that are shiatsu based. Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure”, which is a massage that really gets into your muscles but lacks that spa feeling. If you want a simple relaxation technique, then you will want to look into a shiatsu one. However, if you really need that pedicure feel that combines a massage with that fresh feeling. Another option is a calf and foot massager. This does exactly what it sounds like, but it can be expensive to get this item. Both options are great but it will entirely depend on a personal preference here.

Your Neck Needs Love Too

Do you spend hours hunched over a computer screen for work and recreation? You likely suffer from neck pain on a regular basis. You will see that several varieties of this type of item exist. First, there are the types that you drape around the back of your neck. Not only are these amazing for your neck, due to its design, you are also able to get in between the shoulder blades which is a very difficult spot to get into normally. These often also come with heat settings too for added comfort. You will also find wand varieties that vary in shape and sizes. These can be good to have complete control over where the massage gets focused so that you could really access the spots you need. The last type of neck relief is from a handheld type. These typically are bigger than the wands, which allow it to cover more area but lack the control you get from the wands. The handhelds do often provide one with a much deeper massage. Again, these are all about preference.

Your Achin’ Back

The most common need for a massager is your back. With the amount of time people spend at the computer, it is no surprise that these are needed. Plus all that tension from everyday stress builds up and creates tight knots in your lower back. So this is a very important area to distress and you can’t have a personal masseuse on call to come over and help unless you are incredibly wealthy. There can be a few different options to choose from. Some types of this equipment that you place against your seat that performs a shiatsu massage when you lean against it. Some of these are also made for propping yourself up in bed. There are lumbar versions that focus solely on your lower back. The wand and hand held types can be used on your back, but they cover such small areas that it would be more time consuming to do it that way. Another great option to consider is a foam roller. These come in a lot of different kinds. A great one is the ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller because the textured grooves to it will really get deep into those tissues. You can also cheat and count this as exercise too. Rollers are great because they cover a large amount of area and help really increase the blood flow to all your aches which help relieve them longer. Rollers are commonly used in physical therapy for people with chronic pains.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing an at home option for that spa experience. Most are preference based, but you really need to consider your needs. Is it your back that desperately needs your attention or are your feet the biggest problem? The answer to those sorts of questions will help make the decision for you.