The Infinite Edge Bow Package Review

Infinite Edge Bow Package

The Infinite Edge, manufactured by Diamond Archery, is a great starter bow for hunters because of its many valuable features.The components can be adjusted to personal specifications, which allow the user to track their progress and gain comfort and confidence as they learn. Beginners will be attracted to the various features, especially after consulting some advice on how to buy compound bows.The possibilities are truly endless and it will be pleasing as a beginner bow because it is so adjustable. Like the Genesis Original bow, it can be used by a variety of people.

How Does It Compare with Genesis Original

The goal for beginner bows is to make them easy to use and learn on. Both are generally reviewed as easy to use, however there are some differences that set them apart.The Genesis Original is ready to shoot out of the box. This is great for smaller beginners or multiple students in a group who do not have time to make adjustments.On the other hand, with the Infinite Edge, personal adjustments are required before getting started. This is a plus for larger beginners who need a range of settings for size and strength.Also, it might be a bit too simple of a system for the more serious hunter. They need more power for shooting and that is not an option.Buyers might want to invest a little more money and the cost of the Genesis Original is at the beginning of the price range rather than the middle range.

Why Are The Possibilities Endless

Many draw-lengths

The first important feature has to do with the adjustability in the draw length. The draw length more than doubles, starting at 13 inches and ending at 30 inches. This is good because women and younger shooters can use it with ease. Larger adults will also find that it performs well when they adjust it to the longest setting.

Long range of draw-weights

Performance will also be enjoyed when the wide range of adjustable draw weights is used. An older child or smaller adult can comfortably handle the draw weight set at five pounds. This small amount of weight is beneficial for them as they gain experience and to keep it there until they are ready for a heavier weight. This adjustability is key for young users who can increase their weight as they grow and improve.Again, the larger and stronger novice adult can handle the maximum 70 pounds and begin their hunting practice immediately. They will find that this has the power they need for hunting.

Great to grow with

Once adjusted to their specifications, a user can come back to it and be comfortable with a just right fit each and every time they use it. The importance of being able to adjust the settings during the learning and practicing process is focused on here. Users need to feel comfortable first and foremost before they can be successful on the field.

Value is a plus

The price is also just right. At mid-range the cost it fits right in the middle. It is not too high to where the buyer feels that they have to constantly use it to to make it worth the money. It is also not priced too low to where some would be concerned about its quality.

Company reputation

Diamond Archery has been a mainstay in the business for years. Their focus is on creating high quality and durable equipment. They also pride themselves on their customer service. It certainly adds to the confidence of making this purchase because the company stands by what they sell. Once registered, all bows come with a lifetime warranty for parts and workmanship.Clearly, this is not a one size fits all piece of equipment. The personalization of it makes it perfect for learning.  The value both in price and materials plus the company reputation make it a confident pick.

Might not be ideal for specific users

  • Hunters who are a seeking power but do not need the wide range of length and weight adjustments may not feel that this is the best choice. While it is great for practice, hunters need a tool that allows them to hone in on more power to get the job done.
  • Novice archers might be looking for something a bit simpler that is ready right out of the box. Although there are many advantages to this system, some beginners may be leary or even intimidated. Before really getting serious with the sport, they might be looking for a system that does not need a great deal of adjusting. Parents who want to start their child out on a beginner bow might want their child practicing on something that is lighter overall and is less powerful.
  • Budget conscious buyers might find the mid-range cost to be a drawback for those just starting out and who do not want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars. Price consideration is especially important for users who are just starting out.

While some users are looking for specific features, this might not be the best choice.

Overall Impressions

The Infinite Edge remains a great contender in the starter market. An archer can really make it their own by altering it to their personal size and weight specifications. What makes it so great is that the adjustments can continue while the user grows. They can mold it into a high performing, confidence boosting tool. This one is made to last.The autumn weather approaching serves as a reminder that hunting season is about to begin in some parts of the world. For beginners, either young, old, small or large, the time is now to check this system out before hunting season gets underway.