Inversion Tables and Inversion Chairs: Which are Better

Inversion Therapy has been spoken about for many years and by many professionals. There are so many benefits for inversion therapy, and some people swear by it. With many different inversion options on the market, how do you know which one is best for you? There are currently three options for inversion therapy; gravity boots, inversion tables and inversion chairs. Gravity boots are meant for very athletic and fit people, which don’t include most of us, so I will compare inversion tables and chairs for you.As with any therapy device, there are precautions that you should follow when using the device. People who have serious problems with your back, such as a ruptured or compressed spinal disc shouldn’t use inversion therapy, as it can cause more injury to your spine. As always, before starting inversion therapy, you should consult your doctor, as only he can tell you if it’s safe for you to invert or not. There is some suspicion about blood pressure in the eyes elevating with inversion therapy, so if you have a history of hypertension, carotid artery syndrome, glaucoma, and a history of stroke shouldn’t invert without the okay from your doctor.

Inversion Tables and Inversion Chairs

With any new therapy, you shouldn’t overdo it on the first try. Experts recommend gradually increasing your time inverted from two minutes at start up, to twenty minutes when you can get used to it. You have to be able to build up the tolerance for inverting for a longer period of time and also for the degree of invert.

Inversion Tables

An inversion table is like a cot with boots or ankle straps on them to keep the user in place as you invert your body upside down to help elongate the spine and let gravity help you feel better. Once you’re safely strapped into the table, you stand straight up and very slowly lean back as gravity kicks in and it inverts your body. Most inversion tables come with a safety strap to help you stop at the inversion angle of your choosing. Tables are meant to take the pressure off all of your joints and muscles at the same time to help you feel better. If that sounds like a good idea to you, I would check out the Emer Deluxe Foldable Gravity Inversion Table.

Inversion Chairs

The main difference of using an inversion chair as opposed to a table is that on a chair, you are in a sitting position. Of course, this means that you won’t get all of the benefits of the table, because you aren’t taking the pressure off of your lower extremities, only to your spinal cord. Chairs are only used to help take the pressure off your vertebrae, not for the rest of your body.

Which is Best

Well, it seems to me that there’s a gradual increase with the difficulty between all of the different inversion therapies. The inversion chair is used at the very beginning and only for back problems. If you have knee or leg injuries, this one would be for you. The inversion table is the next step and helps to take the pressure off all of your joints. Finally, the gravity boots are for the experienced athlete which helps you to invert to a full 90 degree angle only.