Innovative, sleek, and Cool: The Ironmaster Adjustable Super Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench

The Ironmaster is completely and utterly brilliant. How innovative and intelligent they are for bringing up eleven angles in a fitness product. It is brought to us from the incredible creators at ironmaster. The name we have grown to trust is located in Seattle, Washington area. As a kid growing up their products, they are worthy of their hype. They are a great company that produces incredible products for the fitness community.

The Full Feature

The Ironmaster is utterly gorgeous. It has so much to offer including a small foot print. There is nothing like saving on space in your home. The idea that you could own something so unique is a major feature to me. The large range of angles it moves into is super useful for thorough workouts. The option for buying different attachments is available. The Ironmaster is on the higher end of the price range spectrum. Buying the best is not difficult and does not need much know how. If you feel unsure there is help available, check out ‘How to Buy the Right Weight Bench for you”.


Compared to the Body Solid GFID225 Weight Bench, the Ironmaster is small but mighty. It has a higher weight limit max and is smaller which is perfect for apartments or homes. It has many more angles and is more stable than the Body Solid GFID225. Over all, the Ironmaster offers more in a smaller more compact piece of equipment.

Where they went Right

The designers knew what they where doing when they came up with this sleek design. This is the ultimate body workout. With eleven angles possible makes your work out so much effective. Great news to anyone looking for something small and useful. It even looks like a cool bench but it has so much more than you see at first glance. It keeps to a modern look and offers the attachments for dips, pull ups, sit ups and more.

Great seat

The Ironmaster gets rave weight bench reviews about how comfortable it is. A good comfortable bench is need for a work out that does not strain the body. There are a few that come with unstable or uncomfortable benches which can result with less use or no use at all.

Easy assembly

The easy assembly of the product is a huge feature. No one wants to spend hours putting something together. The easier it is the better. The only thing that would sell this faster is if it arrived pre assembled.

1000 lb max

The super bench is just that, super. With an ability to hold up to 1000 lbs can hold more than most. Holding so much weight makes it entirely efficient for larger lifters or people looking to get into serious lifting.

Where they went wrong

Like all good things, there are bad things too. They are little things that were quite possibly overlooked or ignored when they were designing. Sometimes these can lead to a serious downfall in the products success. The Ironmaster has quite a few and they are really bothersome.

Attachments needed

This is covered in a need for attachments. You could very well spend more time playing around with the different attachments than using the actual bench. This could be tiring and frustrating for the user. It also poses the question for storage of these attachments.

Plastic pins

This is a safety concern in my opinion. With the weigh max on this bench this must be some super plastic. I am doubtful of plastic just because it tends to snap under pressure or use over time. However, there are no reports of this happening.

Made for shorter people

A constant complaint that has swept the web is that this machine is not very usable is you’re over six feet. That is a large problem and cuts back who is actually able to use this product. A remedy may be in the positioning of the lifter.All in all these could be a problem but all products have setbacks. These are relatively minor. Nothing here could severely injure you. They are all mostly just an inconvenience to the user. The height issue can come up on any so you have to know your dimensions. If you feel unsure measuring is always a good idea before buying.

The Real Deal

The main reason to buy this incredible Iron masterpiece is that there is nothing like it on the market. Though you will spend most of your time playing with its attachments, you will own a very unique piece of home fitness equipment. It has some set back but nothing that is entirely terrible. The exception could be the height of the user and having to compromise your stance while working out.