Jade Harmony Professional 3 16-Inch Yoga Mat

The Harmony Premium Mat always makes it to every “top five best” list. With the company’s commitment to care for the environment, all their mats are made from natural rubber, a renewable and sustainable resource. They are also in partnership with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that helps several communities plant trees to restore their degraded or abandoned lands. The company pledges to give back to the earth by planting a tree for every purchase you buy.It’s easy to feel earth friendly when you acquire this purchase, but will this feeling extend to your yoga practice?

The Perfect Balance of Eastern Resources and Western Technology

The Premium is Jade Yoga’s most popular merchandise. Made with open-cell natural rubber, it is designed to give you the best combination of non-slip surface and comfortable support. Unlike the standard-made with PVC, this contains no ozone-depleting substances. It also comes in two sizes, a 68” and a 74”, to better fit your size.  The supple feeling gives you the suitable support and stability you need in changing poses. It comes in a variety of colors. Note that being environment friendly does not equate to flawlessness. There are other products such as the Lululemon’s “The Mat”  that’s made with antimicrobial additive to prevent mildew and mold. The open-cell rubber technology is almost an assurance that sweat and bacteria are easily absorbed and a bit harder to clean off. In terms of durability, some people prefer the Manduka Black Mat Pro. Since the Harmony is biodegradable, it doesn’t last much longer than the ones available in the market.

Is It Better Than Manduka

The legendary Manduka Mat Pro has been considered as the Harmony’s main competitor. If you practice hot yoga, the Manduka might be better suited for you. Though the Harmony provides excellent wet traction, perfect for Bikram and Ashtanga, it does become too slippery after too much absorption of sweat.The Manduka also pledges longer durability and a lifetime warranty, though it is heavier than most mats (an amazing 7 lbs!), which makes it difficult to carry around when you attend different classes. Some find the longer lasting life too much of a commitment, and may prefer the slightly cheaper, lighter and more colorful Jade Yoga Harmony instead.

You Buy Their Mat, They Plant a Tree

What exactly about Jade Yoga’s best-seller makes it one of the best? They do boast of having the planet’s best eco-friendly mat, after all. 

COMFY FOR THE YOGI: At 3/16 inch, the mat is thinner than the more common 1/4 inch, but it offers better support and comfort because the surface of the natural rubber is dense.

BIODEGRADABLE AND BETTER FOR MOTHER NATURE: As a yogi who loves the Earth, you might feel a bit more comfortable that this object isn’t going to be in one of the dumpsites forever. Some users also like that they can purchase another when it wears out, so they get to choose a different color.

CARRY IT AROUND WITH NO SWEAT: The thin width makes it so easy to store – just roll and put aside! At 4.5 lbs (the 74 inch is 6 lbs), it’s easy to carry since it bundles up in a small package.

DON’T FORGET TO WASH IT: There have been complaints about it getting dirty, but let’s be real – you are exercising, releasing sweat, toxin and who knows what else. Keep in mind that it’s basic hygiene to wash what you use. You don’t repeat your gym clothes without washing it first, right? Let’s do the same with this.

Then Again, You Can Just Plant A Tree Yourself

However, there may be a few considerations before you choose this Earth-friendly purchase.

  • The rubber smell is something the user has to get used to because it doesn’t go away easily. So once you get your purchase delivered, wash it first and air-dry.
  • Because it is made from open-cell rubber, it absorbs sweat and bacteria a lot easier. You need to clean it thoroughly if you sweat on it a lot – because then merely wiping won’t work great. It may take days to dry out. Remember not to expose it to direct sunlight!
  • Life span is commonly from nine to fifteen months. If you only practice yoga every time the holiday guilt comes, you might want to choose something cheaper. 

Go And Get One Now

There is a reason why this is in every “top five best” list, and that reason is excellent quality. Movement becomes easier because of the optimum grip – you aren’t concerned with slipping during the exercise even in difficult balancing poses. This is definitely for you to buy if you’re the type of dedicated yogi who practices several times in a week, or even a beginner who already wants to invest on a good financial yoga decision. To make it easier for you, stocks are available online in varied fun colors. Just choose the length, click, wait for it to be delivered – and you’re on your way to a peaceful yoga start.