j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers: Is this the One I Want?

j fit Super High Density Foam Rollers

You can find this piece of equipment in 12, 18 and 36 inch lengths so you are can pick the right size to fit your needs. It is made of a high density foam so you should be able to count on it to provide you with a great massage, though not as good of one that you would receive from a textured one. Still, you will get a decent release of tension from it. This firm construction makes it an ideal product for exercises. It has a smooth feel to it, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.One can count on it to give an avid athlete the same relief as the average person that just wants to feel the tension be removed from their muscles.  The firm shape gives everyone the equal shot at benefiting from it, and can be useful on all various muscle groups as it can come in smaller sizes to be more versatile to your needs.

Is this the Way to Go?

This is not an option a beginner should consider. For beginners, the OPTP is a far superior option. The density found in the foam could cause bruising and injuries to people unfamiliar with rollers or just not used to the firmness that could be encountered with this product. If you are experienced with this type of exercise equipment, this is a great option for you. This piece of equipment is great for massages and exercises like Pilates. The fact that you are able to get whatever size to suit your needs also gives this brand a leg up over others.You also should not consider this to answer your chronic pain issues, as the strong construction could do more harm than good for therapeutic usage. This is a good option for minor muscle rehabbing for buyers who are athletic or just go to the gym and go at it hard. You will find it to be a great option for loosening up the muscles after a long day working out or playing sports.

What are the Negatives?

The longer lengths of these are not that great for taking along with you wherever you go. The smaller ones are also not as portable, since they are so dense you find they pack a lot of extra heft to your baggage. Your best bet would be to leave it at home, in a place where you are can easily store them at any length. There have been a couple of complaints about the smooth texture of this type of equipment. Because of its smooth exterior of it users have found using it on a gym floor, or any other slick surface, difficult as it slides around and prevents proper usage.A big complaint buyers have had with this brand is the quality of construction. Buyers have found that when they ordered the smaller varieties of this brand, that it looks like they just took a large one and butchered it down to the size they ordered. This gave it an unfinished and an aesthetically displeasing looking product. The upside is that it seems that the company does read the reviews and take them seriously, and responds to negative reviews to see how they can help or give advice to improve the experience the buyer gets from using their product.

When Compared to Others…

Black High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm is an option that is nearly equal in density to the j/fit that is much less expensive. Both of these versions come in the same sizes; however the j/fit does not come in half and full varieties like its competitor. It’s only available to get it in full rounds. With both of these options, you will get the same level of deep tissue massaging. The j/fit seems to be made of a much better construction than the Black High Density and have less complains about the material ending up all over their floor. There have also been fewer complaints about bruising and worsening already sore muscles with the j/fit over its competitor.

Which Way Do I Roll?

If you require something that really gets into your muscles and works out the knots, than the j/Fit is the best option for you. Only you should decide what your body needs, and both of this option provides a wide range of uses. With the various options in sizes to choose from, you can get the personalized exercise that you really need. This equipment is priced right to sell, and won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse purchasing this model. You can be satisfied with the quality of this equipment, as there is nothing that people have found wrong with the construction of it.You can relax easier knowing that this equipment will relieve any tension that you get during your daily activities or after a hard work out. You should be warned that this isn’t a choice that a beginner should make. Otherwise, this would be an excellent choice for you.