JS Fitness Resistance Band Set – Super for Arms and Legs

JS Fitness Resistance Band Set

JS Fitness manufactures a set of Resistance bands that proves to be worth the price for exercisers who are in the beginning stages, and for users who are well-acquainted with the gym. Designed for progressive strength training, the set includes five latex-dipped tubes that can be combined for a weight resistance of over seventy pounds! Sold with a carrying bag, a door anchor, and handles; the bundle allows you to burn calories without wasting money at the gym.

Calorie-burning Action

The elastic tubes pride themselves on their ability to build muscle which, as opposed to cardio alone, keeps the user burning Calories throughout the day. Wonderful for individuals who struggle with obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the bunch amplifies what workouts could be done at home.

Customer reviews show the supply is worth its price, as the most common critique is the bands might become over-stretched if one is not careful in use. Another user, who has used the bands for physical therapy, claims that one of the components “has already broken” and the overall quality of the product is “just alright.” A plethora of buyers, however, think otherwise. One reviewer, a man of sixty-three, raves the lot “does not hurt my [his] joints,” and that “my [his] arms have never looked better.” Another individual says that, to her surprise, doing strength training with the elastic tubes actually causes her to “work up a bit of a sweat.” Overall, the bands are worth the price that one might pay.

Like the ones manufactured by Bodylastics, these tubes themselves are marketed as being the perfect fit in workouts ranging from yoga to P90X, and being a safe alternative to weights for people who are higher in age. They also provide a substitute to a pricy gym membership for customers who are either unable to afford or unable to use it due to their already-busy lifestyle. Overall, they promise to provide an energy-balancing exercise for all.

The Best Service for the Best Product

JS Fitness is an international company that honors their commitment to superior customer service, however they are obviously also dedicated to manufacturing equipment of such a caliber of quality that such attention will not be necessary. Using 100% latex for their tubes, and zinc for the product’s accompanying hooks and springs, it is obvious the company puts quality and durability before everything else.

The package, containing five latex cords which range in weight from six pounds to twenty-two pounds, offers a variety that is ideal for muscle-building progress. The tubes, which one can connect for extra resistance, promise to be both light-weight and durable so as to not detract from the needs of a fitness junkie who is on the move. They are also ideal for exercise fiends who seek variety, as they possess the ability to modify push-ups, pull ups, squats, and sit ups. Complete with a door anchor and attachable handles, the contraptions are able to provide a challenge for the more dedicated exerciser.

In addition to those who seek diversity, the bundle is also perfect for people who cannot make it to a traditional gym. Answering the cries of mothers who place the needs of their children before themselves, as well as the pleas of the fathers whose work hinders their maintenance of an effective regime, the diverse group allows for one to receive the benefits of bulky equipment and expensive memberships in his or her own home. Small enough to be packed into a bag, the small gym is a wonderful addition to any sort of lifestyle.

Are they right for you?

JS Fitness promises to provide their customers with both durability and portability, however their products are not for everyone. Some users find the bands to be confusing, in their multiple combinations make it difficult to find a workout that suits their needs. Others think that latex and other rubbery materials are painful when skin friction is applied, and some are even allergic to the substances. These complaints, though, should not dissuade you from buying this particular batch. At the price of $39.95, the set is guaranteed to offer more bang for less than the cost of joining a gym. Too, they offer a variety of workouts that finds no comparison. Also, they conform to the lifestyle of almost everyone, permitting exercise in places such as hotels and living rooms.

Should the product prove less than your expectations, you are able to return it for a full refund. The bands, backed by the manufacturer’s ninety-day warranty, assures that you can have time to acquaint yourself with the group before making a final decision.