Kawasaki Dual Suspension Bike

Kawasaki Dual Suspension Bike

The Real Kawasaki

Do not be mislead by the Kawasaki name. While made under the brand of Kawasaki, do not expect this bicycle to be equivalent to what you would find at an extreme sports competition.

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The name Kawasaki is licensed to an independent company, which has no relation with the Japanese motorcycle company.If you are buying this for the name only, you may want to move on to another option. If you are genuinely interested in the features the DX226FS have to offer, as a model independent from its brand name, you may find that this bicycle provides quality, at the very least, proportional to its price. The Kawasaki DX226FS is of an aluminum frame recommended for people over 5’9” to be used for recreational purposes like city use and on light trails, although modified version can withstand more daring tasks. The DX226FS is similar to many mountain bikes weighing about 40 lbs., but supporting a weight of 200 lbs.

Is it A Good Choice?

All models of any bike will have “issues”. It is up to you to decide whether a certain inconvenience will be a deal breaker. Remember: performance may be affected by a variety of factors such as terrain, speed, specific weight and density, and the frequency of those conditions.


 Great components that mimics the main functions of standard high-end mountain bikes.

  • Kendra Tires: Tires with a reputation for being controlled when cornering, and having great durability, providing puncture resistance for the entire wheel; making these more than adequate for training.
  • Alloy Seat Post: Lighter than their carbon counterparts and are cheaper (on average).
  • Front Disk Brakes: Greater degree of modulation due to counteractive forces; solid, precise feel because of stiffer caliper and incompressible rotor against non-compressible pads; safer than the subpar and inconsistent braking of carbon wheels.
  • Dual (Full) Suspension: Suspension is the insulation between the rider and bicycle from the terrain; full means it is present at both the front and rear.Firm and absolutely necessary for moderate to advanced trail riding; increase comfort in upper body and greater overall control.


Assembly Issues

Nearly all users report, “The instructions are lousy for adjusting and setting up the shifting.” Some managed to work past that. There is great disparity regarding the facility with which it is assembled, although, and possibly because, the Kawasaki DX226FS comes “mostly assembled.”If you are not handy or not patient, than it may be likely that you would need to take it a local bike shop to have it assembled, re-assembled, or tuned. The cost of local bike assistances fluctuates based on your specific area or region.

Quality of Parts

  • Wheels: Somewhat flat on arrival, pump air before you go out on your first ride.
  • Front Sprocket Gear Shifts: Shifts have no numbers to denote the gear one is in, but the bike is manageable regardless.
  • Shimano “Tourney” Rear Derailleur: Much dissatisfaction associated with this piece. Heavy, easy to break, of poor chain tension, and lacking smoothness, the Shimano derailleur is cheap and unreliable.

The Endless Possibilities of Upgrades

The Kawasaki DX226FS is a great entry-level mountain bike for the price, despite some of its disadvantages. The bottom line a real mountain bike will cost much higher. Upgrading a few of your bicycle’s parts may allow the DX226FS to handle more severe terrain and activities without complications. Upgrades are separate pieces with their own functions and imperfections; identify your main need in terms of terrain, use, and maximum price limit.

 Potential upgrades to make this bicycle closer to pro quality

  • Derailleurs: SRAM X9 (Long Cage) received consistently favorable reviews that it is durable, shifts smoothly, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Stock Crank Set: Shimano Altus FC-M311 Bicycle Crank Set was neatly packaged, easy to install, and works well for commuter/regular bike use.
  • Plastic Pedal: Identify if you want flat, wide stable surface (used on most basic bikes) or clip less pedals, a small cleat is mounted to the sole of the shoe for maximum control and efficiency. The two-hole cleat design is the most versatile in terms of its relationship with terrain.

In Summation

While no one should think of riding this onto an X games track, this bicycle is of optimal performance, considering the sum of its parts and not its individual parts. Much more equipped than Mongoose Impasse or the Schwinn Protocol, the Kawasaki possesses a wider range of features that directly translate to a wider range of terrains. The Kawasaki DX226FS is for the adventurous and the audacious, the fastidious and the frugal.