Living A More Active Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyles

The hustle and bustle of modern life leaves little time for one to engage in any pastime since all time and attention is focused on meeting deadlines and requirements. As we age the amount of free time we have is so limited, we spend it doing light active that entertain rather than stimulate us. Intellectual stagnation,  unhealthy body weight and image, and personal dissatisfaction are the symptoms of an inert lifestyle.  The following article list manners in which to overcome this inertia and become a healthier, happier, and more well rounded individual.

Living A More Active Lifestyle 

The Average Inactivity

The average American watches about 5 hours of television per day, with fluctuation determined by particular personal habits. The Nielsen Report confirms the trend that after an initial decrease during late teens and early adulthood, viewing increases and plateaus for the rest of one’s life.  After age 65 , the average becomes 7 hours per day. Paired with an average of 5 hours a day spent on the Internet using phones or tablets, the time left to seize the day is non existent. Of the 8.5 hours spent in front of screens on a daily basis,  61 minutes are spent viewing promotional ads. We waste an hour of our lives everyday straining our eyes, potentially damaging our vision, for the benefit of the advertisements companies. 

Begin A New Activity

The recommended hour of daily physical activity does not always fit into our schedules. Current statics reflect this inactivity, stating that more than a third of Americans are obese. Obesity related complications include heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and certain preventable cancers.Attempting to engage in an activity that you do not enjoy will result in half-hearted and inconsistent efforts, with little to moderate success. When drawing up a course of action for start from the basics, activities you have performed several times in the past and could perform again with little to no accommodations. Two of the most popular and versatile activities that can be performed at the gym or outside among nature are cycling and jogging.


The many distinct branches of cycling allow for both the demure or the daring to develop their skill either on the park trail or at the BMX track. The average cyclist burns an estimated 300 calories per hour ; performer cyclist burn more. This sport can be practiced outside for the majority of the year ; while stationary biking can be considered for winter months. At the novice level one can stroll around the neighborhood with family members, and at the intermediate/ professional level one can join a peloton formation.Mountain bikes are built to withstand the rough terrain of national park or other wooded areas, thereby expanding its use outside the urban or suburban setting.Upgraded entry level bikes may prove to be the most sensible option due to their economic price and versatile performance. Before selecting a mountain bike you should identify your primary needs. Bicycles that have received much praise for their adaptably are the Kawasaki DX266FS and the 2014 Axis Diamondback. They are regarded as being the best option at an affordable price. 


Running has related sub-branches that can be practiced in the same session to avoid overexertion. If your intention is to improve your cardiovascular health, first identify whether aerobic or anaerobic are more inline with your goals. Anaerobic expels carbon dioxide and water through breathing. In this state you can run without becoming winded because your body takes in enough air. Anaerobic means that you can not sustain an intense pace for an extended period of time and as a result you will become fatigued very quickly. Alternate between the two as you begin. If you feel incapable of high performance running, alternate between anaerobic and walking. The advantage of running properly is that it will condition the mind and body and result in an increased stamina.

Dietary Habits Lacking Substance

Most American are getting the recommended amount of vitamins and essential elements, but there is a portion of the population is deficient in certain vitamins like Vitamin D, iron, and iodine. Vitamin D is found nutritionally in dairy and fish products, but most of it has to come from the Sun. Outdoor activities at times of peak sunlight can remedy this situation. Iodine, which is essential for the brain development of fetuses, is absent from our sodium-rich diets because of processing changes that have reduced the amount of iodine in sodium. Iron deficiencies can cause fatigue, anemia, paleness, etc. Women are more likely to be iron deficient due to blood loss during menstruation.

Do What You Want

There are a variety of ways to become fit that can not be discussed in one article or a whole collection of articles. New data and innovative twist on traditional activities are discovered everyday. As long as you find a task that stimulates you and will improve your health physically and mentally, you should pursue it.