What to Look For In a Good Ski Glove

Ski gloves are very important to keep your hands warm while you find yourself propelling yourself downhill. The conditions up there can be obviously very frigid and you need to be positive that you make the best decision possible when deciding which you would love to purchase. There could be so many different varieties you have the option of picking from; you have to figure out which will best suit your needs. And we’re here to help you with that.

What to Look For In a Good Ski Glove

Gloves or Mittens

That is the question. It should be the first one to ask yourself when picking this product out. Mittens will help keep them more warm, because it is better insulated and the friction between your fingers will help develop more warmth to protect your fingers from the cold weather. Likewise, the freedom you get from wearing gloves instead give you added agility while out on the slopes. For that agility, you might be giving up the added comfort of not being too cold. Whichever variety you choose, be sure that it extends past your wrists for extra protection from snow getting inside to your hand, which means something like this Outdoor Research Alti Gloves option.


There are different kinds of fabrics you might choose from here. You could opt for a synthetic or leather shell. Then one is able to choose which kind of membrane layer you want, which will assist in keeping the area dry. Then there are several options for the insulation. These are all based mostly on personal preference and needs. If you need to be warmer, than you will have a different set of requirements than a person who does not need as much. Just like when choosing between gloves and mittens, you will give up dexterity for comfort and protection from the cold. One might be able to choose from so many choices here.

Other Considerations

Some have pockets. Some have grips. Others have varying types of liners. You’ll find types with curved fingers. Some kinds of this item have closures for another layer of protection from the snow and frigid temperatures. You might opt for ones that go over your wrists or not. You could even find options that you are able to wipe your nose with without looking for a tissue, which sounds gross but it is convenient. As you can see, there are a lot of choices here.

It Sounds Confusing

With all those varieties, it can seem very overwhelming to make a decision. You should research on the internet to find out what suits your needs. You should also go to a local specialized ski shop or any other sports store to get a professional’s advice to help make it easier for you to choose. Picking the right one for you is very important. You would like to be comfortable while you are on top of the mountain, and spending hours up there in freezing weather can quickly be draining on a person. Ask the right questions and consider everything that we discussed here. That will help you make the right choices for your new ski gloves.