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Resistance bands are a great alternative for people who are on the budget or would primarily like to work out in the comfort of their home. Varying degree of resistance can be offered by these bands to provide a complete workout for almost any fitness level.  You can often combine bands for even higher resistance from them. These bands make one of the most versatile fitness equipment. There are several exercises you can perform using these bands and then keep on increasing their intensity buy using bands of higher resistance. Many bands come with additional attachment for doorways which helps increase their utility even further.  Look for our picks for best resistance bands here.

Foam rollers are a must own for several reasons – they can be used for warm-ups, for self-massages, and for several workouts as well. There are different types of foam rollers available but the most basic ones are about six inches in diameter and up to three feet in length. They also come in various densities which can have different uses, however many prefer the ones which are high density but you should try out different density foam rollers and pick one that suits you. Our team has listed the best foam roller for you. Spend some time to learn how to use foam rollers pre and post workouts to help increase blood flow and speed muscles recovery.

If you workout at your home, dumbbells are going to be crucial for your weight training. Traditional dumbbells come in various weights and need a rack to be stored on. These can be expensive to buy as you will need different weights for different exercises. Adjustable dumbbells solve these problems as the weights can be changed on these and are designed to be compact saving you valuable space. It is easy to change the weight combination to get the perfect resistance for the exercise you are doing. We have researched and reviewed the best adjustable dumbbells are available to choose from and good discounts are available when you purchase online.

Rowing machines are a great way to challenge yourself in the gym or at home. With some good designs of rowing machine you can get a full body workout as it engages several muscle groups in your body. If I have to pick one machine to buy for my home, I would probably go with a rowing machine over several other options available today. Rowing helps build stamina, provides a good cardio workout and with the ability to adjust resistance it provides weight training as well. No wonder these machines have become so popular in a short time and most gyms are adding it to their collection. If you are looking to get one of best rowing machine, see our rowing machine reviews.

Want to workout at home and getting frustrated with limited at the options you have for a good upper body workout? Get one the best pull up bars and add exercises in your routine that you would not be able to do otherwise. Pull-Up bars are one of the most common equipment that people buy – they are easy to install, they can be easily put away or left as is. These bars let you use your own bodyweight as resistance. If you are new to pull-ups or workouts in general, try watching a few instructional videos on how to get your pull-ups right and do not be intimidated if you can only do a few or no pull-us in your first attempt, it may just mean that you have to perform other exercises like push-ups before you can do pull-ups.

If you have a weight bench you can dramatically increase the number of exercises you can do using your dumbbells, especially the adjustable ones. There are several low cost options available if you want a starter bench and top of the line benches that are more durable and built for gyms or frequent use. Read these weight bench reviews to help you decide which one is the best weight bench for your needs. Like with any gym equipment be careful when using a weight bench as several routines will require you to bring weights over your body. If you feel your grip is loosening or you are experiencing fatigue, carefully place the weights down or on rest and then get up.

Inversion tables are used in inversion therapy to help provide relief in certain cases of back pain. If you are looking for inversion tables, it is likely that they have been recommended to you by a physician or someone who has used them before.It is not a common device to own but there are numerous benfits of using inversion table once you learn how to use it properly. We have inversion table reviews to help you find the the best inversion tables on the market. The article also has a buying guide to help you make an informed choice. Follow all safety measures that are recommended while using inversion tables and also read the manual that comes with the table when you first get it.

Explore The Outdoors

explore the outdoors


Hybrid bikes as the name suggest are made in such a way that they can be used for more than one type of activity. They have traits of road bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes. If you a casual biker, hybrids bikes are your go to option. If you are making lifestyle changes to incorporate more physical activities as part of your daily routine, then biking to work or other nearby places instead of taking public transport or driving there is an option you should consider. The main advantage biking gives you over walking is the ability to cover greater distance and in shorter span of time. The time you spend in gyms on exercise bikes can easily be ported to hybrid bikes for a more natural and outdoor workout. See our reviews for hybrid bikes and pick the one of the best hybrid bikes for you.

Mountain bikes are specifically designed to give you an advantage on biking trails you found in mountains. These top rated mountain bikes are created for off-road cycling.How are these bikes different? While it can vary from model to model and from manufacturer to another, most mountain bikes will have a suspension on the frame and fork, larger than average size knobby tires, possibly powerful brakes to give you more control if needed when you have to react fast, heavy duty wheels to take the abuse, and lower gear ratios needed for steep grades with poor traction. Use these mountain bike reviews to help

Want to bike but are worried about your posture? Need large seats with padding for a comfortable ride? Want to be comfortable on the bike? Traditional bikes do not offer these comfort. Thank fully there is an answer in recumbent bikes. In recumbent bike reviews we found that recumbent bikes are the best of both worlds. They provide a good cardio workout and are also comfortable. This might be a good workout for people who like to exercise while being able to read newspaper or watch tv. You can get one of these and place it in form of the TV or put it in a quite are where you can read and exercise simultaneously.

Every active person at some point of time experience muscle spasms and muscle pain. You can use active wear such as compression socks to help provide some pressure and support to muscles below the knee. These are great for runners, aerobics and other activities. If you want to pick the best compression socks, see our reviews and pick the best compression socks that suits your style and is most comfortable for you. Compressions socks come in various styles and there are many options to suits everyone’s needs. The materials used vary from spandex, lycra, rubber and some blend of these material with cotton.

Outdoor adventures in winter

sking in winter with gloves and goggles


While skiing can be fun, it can also be dangerous. There are two main elements that are threatening – accidents and weather. You must wear protective gear and take all precaution while skiing. Skiing gear should be of the highest quality. Make use of our ski gloves reviews to identify the best ski gloves. If you are not a professional, you must perform these activities under proper supervision and care.


Have Fun in the outdoors

sports equipment


Trampolines are not just for kids and Trampolines are not just for fun – they can be used for serious workouts and can help you achieve physical and mental agility. Bouncing on trampoline can help you improve your balance, tone your muscles, stimulate metabolism and numerous other benefits while providing a lower impact alternative to running on a treadmill or playing active sports. The need to maintain your posture while bouncing, anticipating your landing, balancing  and next actions also helps improve your coordination and motor skills. Looking for the best trampoline? Use our buying guide and trampoline reviews to navigate the various size and price options for trampolines available in the market with trampoline reviews and make your choice.

Compound bows are an evolution of bows used for archery. They make use of a levering system to bend the limbs. This is usually made out of cable and pulleys. Such a design has several advantages over traditional bow but these advantages come at a higher price tag along with need for additional maintenance due to several moving parts of the device. Want the best compound bow available today? Checkout our compound bow reviews. If you are going to purchase a compound bow or just want to learn about them in some details, you will find our article helpful.

We have reviewed and extensive number of fitness products to help you select the best options for your lifestyle.